Choosing a House: RV vs Mobile Home

RV vs Mobile Home
RV vs Mobile Home

Recreational Vehicle (RV) vs. Mobile Home

If you feel stressed at life and bored at the same routine, from either work or school, taking a break is always recommended to release some stress. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to reap the fruits of labor than going on vacation, whether it’s somewhere nearby or abroad, alone or accompanied.

Some people don’t like the feeling of being stuck in a location and therefore they like to move around constantly and they choose different options as their living home. A lot of people choose to simplify their lives and find satisfaction in the flexibility that comes from not owning much and in the luxury of freedom. This time we will go through some differences and advantages as well as disadvantages of RVs and Mobile homes.

Let’s start with RVs, which stand for recreational vehicles and englobe many different styles and sizes, and are usually equipped with essential and basic appliances to either live in or travel with. While a mobile home is a house that can be easily transported because it is equipped with chassis, wheels, and drawbar. It is transported without having to be disassembled beforehand, and it is not necessary to attach it to the floor by any means. Therefore, you do not have to do any work to install it.


Mobile homes are usually cheaper than a new RVs since they don’t have a motor and a lot of mobile homes are just empty on the inside when you buy them unless they have basic essentials. RVs are more likely to need repairs and not to mention the cost of parking or gas you need to move around. On the other hand, if you decide to move from where your mobile home is stationed you will have to invest some money in the transportation services to go from point A to point B, what will be your new home.


While most RVs aren’t designed to customized unless you decide to invest a good amount of money, a mobile home has room for this and adapt it to your needs and style, whether you opt for a minimalistic or classic style, you can express yourself and be creative using all the space as efficient as possible. Not to mention you can keep upgrading or updating it.


Most RVs unless it’s a tour bus, and even then, have a limited amount of space, so you can’t fully add as many appliances as you’d like or want without feeling constricted in the room. Mobile home has much more room for you to add even your decorations and take in more people to live in, with room for more beds or lounge areas.


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