All You Need to Know About Recreational Vehicles

All You Need to Know About Recreational Vehicles
All You Need to Know About Recreational Vehicles

When you are traveling, Recreational Vehicles (RVs) can be a better option than a hotel when it comes to staying. Depending on their size and style, you can find them with a bathroom, kitchen, and space to accommodate up to eight people or take your pet with you. With these vehicles, known as RVs, you can enjoy more time with your family as you travel from coast to coast and long distances.

Also, you need to consider the savings, you can save up to $1,000 or more per week if you are traveling with your family. It is also a good opportunity to get to know the country and its great varieties of touristic attractions. But make sure to keep in mind that not everything will be perfect when you travel in an RV, since you will be spending long hours on the road and might encounter some unexpected situations, so you should be prepared and informed as much as possible.

Here is a guide to take into consideration for your next RV trip:

Types of RV

There are many types of RVs depending on what you like and the size of your family

Class A (can run on gas or diesel)

These RVs are among the largest and therefore the most expensive of all classes. They resemble a bus and have a big space, however, some states require a special driver’s license.

Class B

If you are looking for an autonomous and easy to drive vehicle, this is your best bet. They are ideal for those who make weekend trips or travel alone. Most have mini kitchens, bathrooms, and even showers.

Class C

These are the most used for family trips, for its space and comfort, this style offers all the advantages and accommodations of a class A but they are cheaper and easier to drive.


These RVs are connected to a van that supports the weight of this model, which includes your belongings. Some models offer space for only one mattress, but larger models can have up to two bathrooms.

If you’ve never taken an RV trip, it’s best to rent one on your first trip and try it to see if traveling like this is suitable for you.

Some trips can take many days so you need places to spend the night and rest after many hours. Some of the most common places to do this are Specialized camps for RVs, National Parks or Free Parking at public places like truck rest stops.

Normally the offices that rent the RVs will offer you insurance with an additional cost, but you can always verify with your normal car insurance to see if you can include a rented RV in your policy.


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