Suburban SF 42 Troubleshooting – 3 Common Problems

suburban sf 42 troubleshooting
suburban sf 42 troubleshooting

Campers and motorhomes are some of the most important things a camping enthusiast should have. You have the option to either install electrical appliances that you want. Alternatively, you can get most of these devices from your dealers when purchasing your motorhome. This is why you must go through the list of specifications on a vehicle when purchasing it.

One of the most important pieces of equipment that you will require is a furnace. There are many models that you can purchase but the Suburban SF 42 is most likely the one installed in your RV. This is great to use but there are also some issues with it. This is why we will be using this article to talk about some common problems that you can get on the Suburban SF 42 along with troubleshooting steps.

Suburban SF 42 Troubleshooting

1. Furnace Not Working

One of the most common problems that people have with their Suburban furnace is that the device stops working. It will not switch on at all which can be quite annoying to deal with. Additionally, there are several reasons why you can get this issue on your device. Considering this, you must go through all the troubleshooting steps carefully to pin down the issue.

Once you find it, the problem can then be easily fixed and prevented in the future. The most common reason why this might be happening is that the furnace is not receiving enough power. Alternatively, the connection on it might be completely dead. You can check if all the wirings are connected or if some of these have come off. In some cases, the cables can get damaged or break.

If this happens, then your only option is to replace them with new ones. If done correctly, the furnace should start working again. Although, if the problem was not with your cables then your outlet might be dead. You can test other appliances on it to confirm this. Replacing the socket with a new one will fix the issue. Additionally, if your outlets use fuses in them then simply replacing these should help in getting rid of the problem.

2. Furnace Not Heating

Sometimes when the user is trying to use their furnace, they might notice that the water and rooms are not being heated. You might get frustrated at first but the problem might simply be due to the configurations not being set up.

The SF 42 furnace from Suburban has a temperature control on it that has to be adjusted. If the temperature you have selected is the same or lower than what your room is at then the device will not work. It will then only blow out normal air without any heat. This is why make sure that you have a temperature selected that is higher than the room temperature.

Moreover, make sure that you increase the fan speed of your device to ensure enough air is blown out. If even this does not work then the vents in your vehicle might be blocked. You will have to clean them carefully to ensure the problem is fixed. The easiest way to take out all the dust is by vacuuming it out.

3. Device Might Be Faulty

If you are still having issues even after going through the steps mentioned above. Then you should also check the manual provided along with your furnace. This should also have some troubleshooting steps that can be used. Although, there is a high chance that even these might not work.

The main reason behind this is that the SF 42 model from Suburban has now gotten quite old. Considering this, if you are still using it then there is a high chance that it has become faulty. You can contact the support team for Suburban to help you out. They will even send you replacement parts if these are still in stock. Although, the best recommendation for most users is to get a new furnace instead.

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