3 Ways To Fix Suburban RV Furnace Not Igniting

suburban rv furnace not igniting
suburban rv furnace not igniting

Camping enthusiasts or people who enjoy going out on frequent trips usually decide to purchase large vehicles like RVs and motorhomes. These come with a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

Additionally, the users have huge storage to keep all of their equipment. On top of all these, you can drive around your vehicle while carrying all of these.

This makes it feel like you are traveling in your own home. Even when you are going out to cold areas, these vehicles have a furnace in them. These are used to heat the temperature in your vehicle making it comfortable even during these conditions.

Although, some people have reported that the furnace in their Suburban RV is not igniting. If you are also having the same problem in your RV then going through this article will help you in fixing it.

How to Fix Suburban RV Furnace Not Igniting?

  1. Check for Gas Supply and Tanks

Most furnace systems that you can use in your vehicles require you to have a propane tank installed in your vehicle. This is quite obvious but some users might still forget to check these.

Considering this, your furnace not igniting might be due to the gas supply. Considering this, make sure that the tanks in your vehicle have enough propane gas to keep the furnace running.

Sometimes the furnace can even stop working if the level of gas falls below a certain percentage. This is why you must keep the propane gas in your tanks filled. You can even keep some spare tanks stored in your vehicle.

These can be used when one of your tanks runs out of gas. Aside from this, checking the connections on your tanks is also essential.

Make sure that all of these are tightly connected so that the gas is safely moved to the furnace. If you notice any damages or leakage on your pipes then get these replaced as soon as possible.

Most propane tanks leave off a pungent smell if there are any leakages. Considering this, you should easily be able to notice if there are any damages to your pipelines.

  1. Clean Your Furnace

Keeping your vehicle and its equipment maintained is one of the most essential things to prevent any issues on it. This includes cleaning off the device and checking all the parts on it are working fine.

Most of these furnaces can easily start to collect dust which is why you should clean this off carefully. Make sure that you switch off your device beforehand to avoid getting electrocuted.

You can then start to remove all the dust near your ignitor. Once done, use ping to clean the dust particles stuck around the sensors. These are quite sensitive and can get damaged easily. Considering this, you should not apply too much force when clearing all of this. Removing the dust around these sensors is important because they are used to activate the ignitor.

While these are dirty, it can be quite hard for them to sense the temperature around them. This is why the sensors keep the ignitor switched off as a security feature. Although, once you have cleared all of this, the problem should then be gone. If you notice that the sensors have broken or gotten damaged then you will have to get them replaced with a new one.

  1. Winterize Your Vehicle

If you are traveling to an area with an extremely cold climate then you must keep your vehicle winterized. This required you to put in a chemical in your water pipeline which decreases its freezing point. Usually, when you enter these areas, the water in your vehicle will get frozen. This can damage the pipes causing leakage in them and also prevents the furnace from working.

Considering this, if this was your issue then you can simply winterize your vehicle to fix the problem. Though, make sure that you remove this water once you are done with your trip.

Aside from this, if your problem is not fixed then there might be an issue with your device instead. You will have to get it repaired by a professional as the parts in these furnaces can be dangerous to change on your own.

In some cases, the user might even have to get their entire device replaced with a new one.

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