Splendide 2100XC Error Codes- 3 Errors With Fixes

splendide 2100xc error codes
splendide 2100xc error codes

If you are a camping enthusiast who enjoys going out on long trips. Then there is a high chance that you own a large motorhome or RV. These vehicles come with several rooms that you can stay in.

Additionally, all of them are furnished which allows users to stay relaxed. Most companies will ask you about what appliances are required by you. People can then select different devices from the options available and these will be installed when you get your vehicle.

Talking about this, one of the most important things that you should have in your vehicle is a good washer. Many companies manufacture these however, a quite popular option is Splendide 2100XC.

While this can be amazing to use, the user can also get some issues with it. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some error codes that you can get on the Splendide 2100XC along with ways to fix them.

Most Common Splendide 2100XC Error Codes

1. Error Code F01

The Splendide 2100XC is an amazing device that comes with numerous features. One of these is the control panel on it that allows you to configure the device easily. This also contains several LED lights on it that will light up in case of any errors.

You can then consult the manual provided to you along this device to figure out what error code you are getting.

The instruction booklet also contains steps on what is causing the issue and how it can be fixed. The F01 error is one of the most common ones which can be identified with just the fourth LED lighting up.

This means that there is a short circuit on your motor. Considering this, check the electrical outlet you are using and replace it if necessary. You can also contact an electrician if you are hesitant about checking this on your own.

2. Error Code F05

The error code F05 usually refers to the pressure pump on your device being blocked. Considering this, you can check if there is anything stuck in it, removing it should allow you to fix the problem easily.

Although, in some cases, the problem can also be from your pressure switch wirings coming off.

These can get disconnected if you had recently switched the position for your device. Make sure that you connect them back in tightly to fix your problem. You should also check these for any damages and replace them with new ones if you notice any.

3. Error Code F12

Finally, another common error code that many people can get is F12. This can be quite annoying as this refers to there is a communication failure. If this happens then your control panel might stop working which prevents the user from functioning their washer.

Although, the main reason behind this problem is that the wirings for your panel might have come off. Connecting these back in solves the issue. However, if it does not then your panel might be damaged and you will have to purchase a new one.

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