Get a Washer Dryer Combo or a Stackable for Your RV?

Get a Washer Dryer Combo or a Stackable for Your RV?
Get a Washer Dryer Combo or a Stackable for Your RV?

RV Washer Dryer Combo vs. Stackable

Most experienced RV users know that when you are on the road for many days or even weeks, it is necessary to adapt your RV like your second home. This being said, you need most of the things you have at home to function as you would normally do at your house. This includes a washer and a dryer.

Some people may think that having one in their RV can be unnecessary, but when you are traveling with a large group of people for a long period of time it can be very useful, especially if there are small children, who are known for getting their clothes dirty. Not to mention that accidents can always happen and on shaky roads, things can be spilled. This way you don’t have to carry that many clothes with you either and take precious space in the RV that is already limited.

Talking about limited space, technology has fixed this solution. Instead of having both machines next to each other (a washer and a dryer) there are 2 different options made to reduce spaces, like RVs for example. And we will talk about them in this post. The first one is a washer dryer combo, which is pretty much a single machine with an all-in-one. You can do both actions in the same appliance just choosing different options. The other one is the stackable washer and dryer which is 2 separate ones but instead of being next to each other, they are stacked on top are attached to each other so it comes as a single piece as well.


What most people are wondering is which one is more expensive? The answer, to our surprise, is that they are both on the same range. You can find them around $800-$2000 USD depending on the brand and the model. You can always try to find a used one that is in good condition if you are on a low budget.


In this category, the stackable wins without a doubt. You can do both actions (washing and drying) at the same time, washing more loads per day. While with the combo one, you need to wait until a load is done the washing, to then proceed to dry it. And you have to wait until it’s done to wash the next load.


This is another important factor to keep in mind since they are really big appliances and power may be limited sometimes. From the 2 of them, the one that saves more energy is the combo one since you don’t have that many things working at the same time.

To choose the right one you need to analyze your situation and how big your group is going to be. If you consider you will be in need of washing a lot of clothes and don’t like to wait, the stackable is probably the best option. If you don’t mind the waiting time and are maybe even willing to dry some of the clothes by hanging them outside your RV, a combo is definitely a better option for you.


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