3 Common Shurflo Water Pump Problems (Troubleshooting)

shurflo water pump problems
shurflo water pump problems

If you enjoy going out on long camping trips or taking your family and friends with you. Then you might already own a large vehicle like motorhomes or RVs.

On top of these providing their users with lots of storage for their luggage. You can also get tons more benefits with these vehicles. This includes having a place to sleep in as well as a kitchen.

Another great thing is that you can have access to water as long as the tanks in your vehicle are filled. Considering this, users might sometimes notice that the pressure of their water can below.

This is where the water pump from Shurflo comes in. This is quite easy to install and should work perfectly. However, there are also a few issues that you can run into.

Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a few common problems that can be found on the Shurflo water pump along with its fixes.

Shurflo Water Pump Problems

  1. Pump Not Switching Off

The Shurflo pump is an amazing device that allows users to increase the water pressure in their vehicle. Though, one important feature that you should note is that the device is automated.

As long as it is sensing that water is flowing through the pipes connected to your pump. The device will keep on working. Considering this, some people might run into the problem that their pump does not switch off even when they have turned off their water line.

If you are also getting this issue, then it is important to note that there is most likely damage to your pipes. Alternatively, it might be due to a simple loose connection.

You can look into your pipes to see if there are any leaks or fittings that have come off. Simply fixing these should allow your pump to start working without giving any more problems.

Aside from this, you should also check if there is any air stuck in your pipes. Taking off the connections and letting out air should help in getting rid of the issue.

As for the damaged pipes, you should get them replaced with new ones instead of trying to fix them. There is a high chance that the leak will start again and your pump will automatically startup.

  1. Water Not Flowing Through Pump

Sometimes people might notice that there is no water flowing through their pumps even when the device is switched on. This is quite a common problem but there can be numerous reasons for this.

Though, before getting into any technical ones, you can start by checking your tank. This is quite obvious but some people still forget to fill their tanks.

If there is either no water or a really low amount of water in your tank then the device will be unable to pump this out.

Considering this, you can keep your water level filled above at least 1/3rd in your tank at all times. This should help in preventing the problem you were getting.

Aside from this, the issue is usually caused by loose or damaged pipelines. The water in these might be leaking out which can prevent it from reaching the device.

The overall troubleshooting steps for this are the same as the step mentioned above. Keeping this in mind, most problems that you can get should be solved by using these simple methods.

  1. Damaged Pump

If you are unable to fix your problem by installing new pipelines or tightening the connections that had come loose.

Then there is a high chance that the Shurflo pump you are currently using has become damaged. In some cases, only a single part can get broken which is why you must look into the device.

Consulting the manual will help you in testing all the different parts in your pump and pointing down which ones have become faulty.

You can then contact Shurflo to supply you with the replacement parts and then installing these on your own. Alternatively, you can send your pump straight to the company and let them check it for you. This way the support team should both identify the error and provide you with a suitable solution.

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