9 Common Shurflo Water Pump Problems (Troubleshooting)

shurflo water pump problems
shurflo water pump problems

If you enjoy going out on long camping trips with friends and family, there are chances that you own a large vehicle like motorhomes or an RV. These vehicles provide sufficient room for sleeping and cooking on the go.

In addition, these vehicles are designed with water tanks to ensure a constant supply of water, but it requires a water pump. Usually, RV owners use Shurflo water pumps, but there are some problems associated with these pumps.

Shurflo Water Pump Problems

1. Pump Is Not Switching Off

Pump Is Not Switching Off

The Shurflo pump is an amazing device that allows users to increase the water pressure in their vehicle. Though, one important feature that you should note is that the device is automated.

This means that as long as it is sensing water flow in the pipes, the device will keep on working. This is why many people complain that their pump does not switch off even when they have turned off their water line. This problem occurs when there is a loose connection or if the pipes are damaged.

First of all, you need to inspect your pipes to see if there are any leaks or if some fittings have come off. In case you identify any of these issues, fix them, and the pump will switch off on time.

Secondly, you must check if there is air stuck in your pipes. The air buildup can be released by taking off the connection and installing it again. On the other hand, if pipes are damaged, you should get them replaced with new ones instead of trying to fix them. This is because repairing them will still carry a high chance of a leak.

2. Water Is Not Flowing Through The Pump

Water Is Not Flowing Through The Pump

The second issue is no water flowing through their pump even when the device is switched on . First of all, you need to check the tank and make sure it is filled up with water . This is because the tank needs to be full for the pump to work. In particular, the water level shouldn’t be lower than 1/3rd of the tank.

On the other hand, if the tank is already full, you need to check for damaged or loose pipes. This is because damaged pipes leak water, which prevents the water from reaching the pump. So, if there are leaks, the pipes need to be replaced.

3. Damaged Pump

If you are unable to fix your problem by installing new pipelines or tightening the connections, there is a high chance that the Shurflo pump is damaged. To locate the damaged part, you need to consult the manual, as it helps test different parts in your pump. Once you find the damaged component, you can call Shurflo for a replacement, particularly if the water pump is in warranty. On the other hand, if the warranty is over, you can purchase the replacement parts from a hardware store.

4. Bad-Smelling & Dirty Water

Bad-Smelling & Dirty Water

If you are getting dirty and bad-smelling water from the faucet, there are chances of salt, bacterial, or sand buildup in the pump. In addition, it also means that the water pump is not able to filter water before the water is pumped to the faucet.

To fix this problem, you need to disassemble the water pump and clean it to ensure there is no buildup of sand or dirt. Moreover, if your water pump has a filter, it is suggested that you replace the water filter.

Secondly, you must check the water tank and make sure it is properly cleaned. This is because if the water is dirty, the pump will push the dirty water. If that’s the case, the only solution is to dump the dirty water, clean the water tank, and fill it with clean water.

5. Water Pump Doesn’t Start

Water Pump Doesn’t Start

The water pump is an electronic device, and it needs a proper power connection to operate. If the power connection is interrupted, the water pump won’t start at all. The solution is to inspect the power plug, cables, and circuit breaker.

You can check the power plug by connecting it with a different electronic device. If the other device doesn’t work either, the plug is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Secondly, you must inspect the electrical cables and make sure there are no tears and damages. This is because the damaged cables interrupt the electrical signals and will restrict the water pump from working. So, if the cables are damaged, you have to replace them to retrieve the motor’s function but make sure that the new cables are tightly connected.

Thirdly, you must check the pump and make sure that it’s not burnt. You can use a multimeter to check the continuity of the water pump. If it doesn’t detect any signal continuity, it means that the pump is burnt, and the only solution is to replace the water pump. Also, it’s important to check the motor bearings and replace them if they seem worn out.

Lastly, you must check the capacitor as it’s responsible for operating the water pump. The capacitor wears out when there are fluctuations in the voltages. It is easy to check the capacitor’s continuity with the help of a multimeter, and if the continuity isn’t detected, you have to replace the capacitor to make sure the water pump starts working. On the other hand, if you don’t have experience in changing the electric parts, you can hire an electrician to replace the capacitor.

6. Vibrating & Noisy Water Pump

Vibrating & Noisy Water Pump

The water pumps are usually noisy, but it’s not normal for the water pump to make grinding and squeaking sounds. These sounds usually indicate a problem with the pump bearings. The bearings can easily wear down with time, especially if the water pump is used too much.

The only solution is to replace the bearing, and you won’t hear any weird noise. The bearing can be easily replaced by consulting the instruction manual. On the other hand, if you don’t have the technical expertise of replacing the bearing, it’s better to hire a technician for proper bearing installation.

7. Short Water Cycles

A Shurflo water pump is designed to run for two to three minutes to put pressure on the system. So, when the water pump gets off and on for a short time period, it will result in a short water cycle. In most cases, the short water cycle is caused by insufficient or excessive air in the water tank. In addition, it is also caused by a blockage in the water supply pipes.

To resolve the problem, you have to switch off the water pump and repair the air volume control of the water tank. Once you repair the air volume control, it is better to drain out excess water and fill up the water tank again. On the other hand, if you don’t know how to repair the air volume control, you should call Shurflo for technical support.

8. Sputtering Water Coming From The Faucet

The sputtering water is usually caused by a damaged water pump or having excessive air in the water system. To fix the problem, you need to pull the water source, but you must call a plumbing expert to make sure the pipelines aren’t damaged during the pulling process.

9. Water Pump Is Switching Off & On Too Quickly

Water Pump Is Switching Off & On Too Quickly

The water pump needs to be properly set to ensure it switches on and off on time. The first thing you need to check is the pressure switch because an incorrectly set pressure switch can cause the problem. It can be easily fixed by resetting the pressure switch.

The second step is to check the bladder because a burst bladder can often hinder the functionality of the water pump. The only solution is to replace the bladder to ensure the water pump works optimally. Lastly, you must ensure that the water pipes have a larger diameter to ensure a seamless flow of water.

The Bottom Line

Shurflo water pumps are one of the best in the market, particularly when you have to streamline the water supply in an RV. However, like other water pumps, it can also run into some problems, but they are quite easy to fix.

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  1. I have a CrossCountry motor home Issue Im having is my shurflo pump runs when the coach is hooked to city water and won’t run when it is not hooked to water supply. It shuts off as it should when hooked to city water and reaches pressure. No one has been able to give me guidance on this hoping that you can


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