What’s The Difference Between Shurflo 2088 vs 4008 Water Pump?

shurflo 2088 vs 4008
shurflo 2088 vs 4008

Camping enthusiasts understand how important it is to have an RV or motorhome with you. These vehicles come with lots of storage that you can keep your luggage in. Additionally, you have several rooms that are completely furnished. These include having bedrooms, bathrooms, and even kitchens that you can cook for yourself in. Talking about this, it is important to keep in mind that the features of your vehicle depend on what brand you get it from.

Additionally, most dealers will give you the option to select what appliances will be installed on your vehicle. Considering this, one of the most important devices in your motorhome is its water pump. There are numerous models that you can select for this. However, two of the most popular options are Shurflo 2088 and 4008. We will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between these two. Going through it should help you in deciding which one will be better.

A Detailed Shurflo 2088 vs 4008 Water Pump Comparison

Shurflo 2088 Water Pump

Shurflo is a famous company that has been known for manufacturing some of the best pumping equipment and pumps. The brand has lots of accessories including fittings, faucets, fittings as well as showers. All of these come in different shapes and sizes. Considering this, you must go through their website before selecting any products.

The company has all of the available devices listed along with their specifications. Going through these will help you in understanding what the features of these devices are. When it comes to water pumps, the brand has numerous devices with varying flow rates and pressure. The Shurflo 2088 pump is specifically designed for motorhomes and similar vehicles.

The best thing about it is that you can mount it in any position you like. This takes out all the hassle of trying to fit your pump either horizontally or vertically. Additionally, the equipment does require maintenance but it is quite easy to keep a check over. This is why you should not find your device running into problems anytime soon.

Shurflo ensures that this device can easily pump out clean water which is safe for consumption. The electric power required by this pump is so little that you should be able to keep it on throughout your trip. Finally, the device can pump out water at an amazing rate of 3.5 gallons in a minute. You also have the option to switch between different modes that can help you in reducing the pressure if required.

Shurflo 4008 Water Pump

The Shurflo 4008 is the new series of pumps that have come out from the brand. This uses a unique technology that guarantees the equipment has a longer life. The device is also versatile which means that you can mount it in any position you want to. Additionally, the noise levels on it are extremely low which allows you to use it without getting annoyed.

One of the best features of the Shurflo 4008 is that it can self-prime and run dry without any issues. The durability and quality of this product make it one of the best pumps available on the market. Moreover, the flow rate on this is 3 gallons per minute. This is lower than what the 2088 model offers but it should still be enough for a recreational vehicle. Overall, the installation for both of these devices is quite simple.

You should easily be able to do this on your own. Although, in case you are having trouble, Shurflo also offers a manual that can be used. This helps the user by providing them with step-by-step instructions on how the water pump can be installed. Furthermore, the manual also contains information on how you can troubleshoot the equipment if it runs into any problems. If none of these help you then keep in mind that both of these pumps have a warranty service on them.

This can be used to get replacement devices from the company. The only thing that you will have to ensure is that you go through the guidelines on your device. Finally, both of these pumps are great choices that you can purchase for your vehicle. Choosing one of them depends on what your preferences are. This is why you should visit a store and take a look at this equipment once to select which one will be better for you.

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