Seal Tite Corner Seal vs Eternabond: What’s The Difference?

seal tite corner seal vs eternabond
seal tite corner seal vs eternabond

If you own a motorhome or recreational vehicle then you should already know how important it is to keep them maintained. Even if you are not going on any trips then you still have to keep your vehicle locked up in a safe spot. This is because water and dust on its surface can damage both the exterior and interior of the RV.

Usually, companies use a small sealing layer on the windows and roof to keep them tightly shut. Though, with time these will start to come off. If this happens then the water can easily enter your vehicle and damage it.

There are mainly two products, Seal Tite Corner and Eternabond Seal that can be used to replace the older coatings. You might be confused between them while selecting a new one. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between these two to make the process easier.

Seal Tite Corner Seal vs Eternabond

Seal Tite Corner Seal

There are many different types of sealing products that can be used to install on your vehicle. These range from being liquid gels to tapes. All of them have different methodologies to apply but the function for them is the same. The Seal Tite Corner Seal is one of the tapes that can be applied. These are much easier to install than liquids and will look extremely clean.

If you decide to purchase the entire kit provided by the company. Then the seal should be enough to entirely cover your RVs roofs and windows. You can even save it to be used at a later time.

This takes out the worry of having to find tapes according to their size and speeds up the process. Though, people who are looking for limited quantities can even purchase smaller tapes according to their usage.

The company gives people the option to manually choose between several sizes depending on which one suits them best. The entire kit comes with some additional materials along with just the tape. These include a small spray for cleanup, a small knife for taking off the excess adhesive, and lastly a bottle of sealant to be applied on a place where the tape cannot be installed.

All of these should be enough to completely replace the older seals on your vehicle without much trouble. Additionally, the product is designed in such a way that makes it flexible and easy to adjust during the application process. These make them better to look clean after you are done with the procedure.


Eternabond is quite similar to Seal Tite and both of these are tapes. The process to apply them is also the same. You only have to take off your older sealant and then proceed with installing these. You can easily place the tape in the location your desire then cut off the excess taping with scissors. Finally, place your roof or windows back in their position and wait for the application to dry out.

Once done your problem should now be gone. The best thing about Eternabond is that they give their users a lot more options when purchasing the product. They have separate seals for roofs that come in a bunch of colors. You can also purchase their entire kit which takes out the problem of finding compatibility.

Lastly, they even have a double-stick tape that can be helpful in numerous cases. You can visit the company to find detailed information about their products if you are interested. You can then directly order the product from them or even call their helpline. The support should answer all your queries and even help you out in selecting a product that will best suit your usage.

Both the tapes are waterproof so you do not have to worry about them leaking anytime soon. Additionally, this also takes out the hassle of having to cover up the tape with a product that can block water from entering your vehicle.

Eternabond also has a list of distributors on their website that you can check. You can find one that Is close to you and directly visit them. This will both help you in getting the product faster and checking it out before you get it.

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