What Type of RV Interior Paneling Should You Do?

What Type of RV Interior Paneling Should You Do?
What Type of RV Interior Paneling Should You Do?

RV Interior Paneling

The interior of our RV is just as important as the exterior, it’s what we will see during all our long trips and they protect us from bad weather conditions such as rain and strong wind. When the interior panel gets damaged it’s the synonym of problems. If the panels are not properly sealed it won’t be protected against leaks and rain can get inside, if there is a termite problem the wood that separates the interior and exterior panel will be completely useless as well.

These are just some examples of cases and situations that need an interior paneling change ASAP. It’s sometimes an unexpected expense we were not counting on, but it’s necessary nonetheless. Luckily for us, there are many options to choose from when we decide to replace our interior panels. They give a nice and clean look to the interior walls of your RV. We will go through some of the different materials you can opt to buy so you can see which one is better for you and your RV in general.


If you want to feel like you are at home and want a classic look, opting for wood planks is a good option to choose when you replace your panels. They are easier than they may seem to install, and most of the time you don’t need to remove the entire panel unless the skeleton of the base is really damaged. The only downside is that you need to do proper maintenance to avoid any termite problems.


Being a metal, aluminum is strong and will resist a lot but it’s exposed to rust because of humidity and also dents.


Compared to aluminum, fiberglass tends to be a better option. It handles the wear and potential tear much more. The only issue is if you are on a low budget since fiberglass tends to be a bit more expensive.

Adhesive vinyl

Vinyl panels are the cheaper option and it offers more variety of styles, textures, and colors. It’s extremely easy to apply since you simply attach the adhesive vinyl next to each other. There are also some websites that offer custom made orders depending on the size of the area you want to cover. Just keep in mind you need a base of some sort so you can put the sheets on top, regular thin wood could be a good inexpensive option to use.

Do some proper research about the costs and what is better for your preferences and budget, and how much installation would cost, or if it’s something you can do yourself to try and save some money.


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