Motorhome Cabover Repair: 3 Problems And Solutions

motorhome cabover repair
motorhome cabover repair

People all around the world enjoy going out on trips with their family and friends. But some users want to go out on camping trips that last a much longer time. These enthusiasts understand how important it is that they carry the best possible equipment with them. Considering this, most of these users will take recreational vehicles or motorhomes with themselves. The features in these vehicles ensure that people can rest comfortably even while they are out traveling.

However, when it comes to purchasing these vehicles, there are tons of things that you have to look out for. This is why you must go through the details on these vehicles before selecting one for yourself. One of the most popular models that people bought were motorhomes with cabover. Although, even these are known for running into issues. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that you can get on a Motorhome Cabover along with ways to repair it.

Motorhome Cabover Repair Guide

1. Check Seals

The most common issue that you will hear people complain about on these motorhomes with a cabover is getting leakage. When it comes to water leaking in your vehicle, you should note that it is important that you take of the issue as soon as possible. This is because the water entering your vehicle will start to damage the roof, walls, and floor once it touches it. Additionally, there is no way to fix the damages that have been done and you will have to replace the walls and flooring completely.

This is why it is recommended that you look into any leakages the second you notice them. The most common reason for getting a water leakage on your motorhome is due to the seals on it coming off. These ensure that your roof is tightly attached to the frame of your vehicle and no dust or water particles enter it. However, eventually, the seals will start to get weaker and then come off. If this has already started to happen, then you should check stores for a new sealing agent.

Many companies manufacture these products. Just make sure that you select a reliable one as this will ensure that your seals last you a long time before requiring replacement again. Additionally, you should also pick a waterproof sealing agent as these are known for repelling water and lasting a long time even if you driving in heavy rainfall. Finally, when it comes to replacing the seals on your vehicle, the overall procedure is quite simple. The only thing that you will have to look out for is cleaning your roof beforehand and then taking off the older seals completely.

2. Check Water Pipelines

If the seals on your vehicle had no problems with them then the second area where you can get water leakage from are your pipelines. These can sometimes get damaged which will cause water to start pouring out of the pipes. Considering this, make sure that you check all the pipelines in your vehicle for any leakages in them.

The most common ones to have problems with them are your air conditioners pipes. Other than this, if you had winterized your vehicle and forgotten to remove the chemicals, then the water pipelines might have gotten damaged as well. You can fix most of the issues on these pipes by installing push fittings all around your vehicle. Just make sure that you connect them tightly and test the pipe for any leakages afterward as well.

3. Repair Damages

Finally, once you have taken care of the main cause of your issue, there is still a high chance that the water leakage might have damaged some of your interiors. Considering this, you must observe what furniture, flooring, and wooden materials have been damaged. Once this is done, you should then check what materials can be fixed and used as they are.

Additionally, the completely damaged parts should be taken out completely and then replaced with new wooden planks. You can also add fiberglass or other material that are much more durable. This will ensure that the wooden planks in your vehicle last you a much longer time in case of any similar issue. You can also contact your dealer if you are having trouble with anything.

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