Eternabond Tape vs Flex Seal Tape – Which Is Better?

eternabond tape vs flex seal tape
eternabond tape vs flex seal tape

Having a motorhome or RV with you can be necessary if you enjoy going out on trips frequently. This is because a lot of equipment is required on these trips to help you in surviving. The features on these vehicles will ensure that you have a lot of fun as well as rest comfortably even while you are traveling. This is done by providing people with numerous features that include having furniture installed all over your vehicle.

You can rest in your motorhome or even sleep if you want to. Although, it is important to note that there are some problems that you can run into with your vehicle. One of the most dangerous ones includes getting water leakage on your motorhome. Talking about this, two products that solve this issue are Eternabond Tape and Flex Seal Tape. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between these two to make it easier for you to purchase one.

Eternabond Tape vs Flex Seal Tape

Eternabond Tape

The main reason why getting a leakage on your motorhome or RV is a major problem is that water leaking will all come in contact with the roofs and flooring of your vehicle. Most manufacturers use a wooden frame for their vehicles. Additionally, the flooring and walls are also made from a material that will easily get damaged if water comes in contact with them.

Considering this, once water damages these, the user will have to get all of the damaged areas repaired or replaced. This will cost a lot of money which is why it is better that you avoid it. Now getting to the main reason why you getting water leakage on your vehicle is that the roofs start to come off. This has a sealant in them that will eventually wear off and require a replacement.

Eternabond is considered to be one of the best sealants that are also easy to use. There are mainly two types of sealants including a liquid solution or tape. The tape sealings like the one from Eternabond can be applied by simply taking it off from the roll.

While you still have to wait for the product to dry, this is not the same as a liquid solution. Most sealant solutions take days to dry while on the other hand, the tape will start blocking water as soon as it is applied. This is exactly why people also use Eternabond tape to stop leaks if they ever run into them.

Flex Seal Tape

Flex Seal Tape is a famous product that the company claims to be extremely strong and waterproof. The product has tons of users and it has maintained a positive rating from all of them. Additionally, you will notice lots of users sharing videos of the product and how well it performs. The advertisement for this product has also been made a meme and shared all over social media platforms.

Flex Seal Tape is also quite cheap and it can be applied over numerous surfaces without any issue. The adhesive on it might take up to 24 hours to completely take the result but it should be able to completely block water from entering through it. The main concern from most users is that Flex Seal Tape is a product that is designed to stop water leakages.

On the other hand, Eternabond is a sealant that is designed to make the roof of your motorhome waterproof. The company Eternabond has also been in the market for a long time and still maintains an extremely high positive rating. There are not a lot of users that have tried Flex Seal Tape on their RVs because of how good Eternabond already provides.

It also lasts for a long time if you properly keep the product maintained. As long as you clean the roof of your vehicle frequently, your Eternabond sealing should last you 16 to 30 years. Finally, if you still want to try out Flex Seal Tape then you can order it and test it for yourself. Although, keep in mind how dangerous it can be to get a leakage on your vehicle. It is always better that you pay a little more but prevents your motorhome from running into any problems.

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