You Should Get A Flex Seal For Your RV Roof!

You Should Get A Flex Seal For Your RV Roof!
You Should Get A Flex Seal For Your RV Roof!

Flex Seal For an RV Roof

Taking care of your RV roof is very important, it protects us from cold, heat and harsh weather conditions. Although there are some people who take it for granted it and don’t do proper maintenance on them or if there is a problem with it, they tend to procrastinate. This last one is always a bad choice because it leads to potentially bigger problems. There are different options to choose from when it comes to materials to repair your damaged roof, consisting of different substances and varying in price. Today we will talk about flex seal.

If you haven’t heard about the flex seal you are surely missing out because it can be very useful. It is a spray that turns into a rubber-like material, and it’s used for coating. It is so popular because it has a very resistant waterproof barrier and because of how easy it is to use for everyone without needing to pay a professional to fix your RV roof.

The way people use this material in their RVs is to spray the coating substance into cracks and holes that are in the roof that can lead to future damages that if are not fixed right away can provoke further damage that will cost the person a lot of money. Another great benefit of flex seal is that the power of the rubber, once it’s dry, helps stop any previous annoying noises and vibrations that came from a loose part or hole located in your roof. Not to mention you can always customize it yourself changing the color to the same color as the rest of your RV

Some other benefits of flex seal are that it can be applied to different types of surfaces and environments as a last-minute fix or emergency, such as heavy rain. That’s why it’s always recommended to carry some in your RV. Imagine somehow there is a water leak inside your RV and you can’t block it with anything else, and don’t have access to a workshop at least for a couple of hours. Flex seal will be perfect for this situation, even if it’s just momentarily, to get out of the problem. And once you have time or access you can take it to a workshop.

The situations where flex seal manufacturers do not recommend its use is to use it on an extremely hot surface or area that has a lot of pressure, such as tires or pipes. As well as on any materials that can be flammable or things that can produce a lot of heat or sparks, such as gasoline tanks.

Flex seal is not only used to fix roofs but also to fix chimneys, different crafts, fountains, window sills, hoses, etc. So, you can give it multiple uses, not just on your RV.


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