4 Ways To Fix RV Thermostat Not Working

rv thermostat not working
rv thermostat not working

RVs are the best thing a camper can get. They save you a lot of trouble sleeping on the ground and setting up tents. So, RVs are a natural choice for everyone out there who loves camping every once in a while. The whole purpose of getting an RV for such camping trips is to get the best possible comfort and convenience and all that is made possible with them.

Naturally, you would also want some sort of heating and cooling inside the RV to ensure that you can get a comfortable temperature. To do that, you will also need to have a thermostat to control the heating and cooling system to maintain the right temperature that you might want. If your thermostat is not working for some reason, here is what you will need to do.

RV Thermostat Not Working

1) Reset the Thermostat

The first thing that you must be doing if the thermostat on your RV is not working for some reason is to reset it. That might depend on the thermostat brand that you might be using, but there is always a way for you to reset the thermostat on your RVs.

All you will need to do is consult a support technician from them or simply read the instructions manual and you will find the perfect way to reset it without causing any more mess and ruining your whole trip for good. If the reset won’t work for you, you will need to take your troubleshooting to the next step and follow these steps.

2) Check the Wiring

Another possible problem causing you to have such issues is the wiring and your thermostat might not be connected to the heating or cooling equipment on the RV properly. The wiring might be fried due to a short circuit or it might be simply broken at some point.

So, what you will need to do is check on the wiring with your thermostat. Simply dismantle it and make sure that the wires are connected properly to it. If there is some broken connection, repairing it will do the trick for you.

If you are unable to figure it out. You should be contacting some technician or electrician who is good with both wiring and electrical circuits on such vehicles. That way, you can make it work out perfectly and have the circuit repaired for good.

3) Get the equipment checked

If you are still unable to figure it out, you will need to have your heating and cooling equipment checked. That way, you can rule out the possibility of the equipment being faulty and causing your thermostat to not work.

So, once you have made sure that the equipment is working fine, you can take the final step towards having your Thermostat fixed for good.

4) Replace the Thermostat

You will need to have your thermostat replaced if nothing so far has worked out for you, as there must be something gone bad on the thermostat, and replacing it would be the only choice left.

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  1. My thermostat has no power going to it cause the fuse ok circuit breaker ok dometic I am familiar with 12v marine technican 25 years heater and ac not working


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