12 Furrion Thermostat Problems (And Their Solutions)

Furrion Thermostat Problems
Furrion Thermostat Problems

RVs and motorhomes are one of the most comfortable vehicles for traveling and camping enthusiasts. These vehicles are fully furnished and come with electronic appliances to keep you comfortable.

However, many people struggle with temperature control, and they opt for Furrion thermostat because it helps with temperature optimization. It’s a single-zone thermostat that adjusts the temperature and comes with five operating modes and three fan speeds.

However, it also has some functionality issues that we are sharing, along with the solutions!

Common Furrion Thermostat Problems

1. Thermostat Not Heating Or Cooling

A thermostat is responsible for adjusting and controlling the temperature, which means you can achieve the desired temperature within the vehicle. However, if it’s not able to control the heating or cooling, you have to ensure that the device is installed and set up properly.

We recommend that you take it out and follow the below-mentioned instruction to install it correctly;

  • Choose a suitable location that’s not under the direct influence of sun, light, or other sources of heat
  • Rotate the cover in a counterclockwise direction and take out the base plate
  • Use the base plate as a dimension template for drilling a hole in the wall and extend four wires from the cutout area
  • Use two screws to fix the base plate on the wall but make sure the base plate doesn’t cover the hole or squeeze the cables
  • Now, connect these cables to the thermostat and rotate it in the clockwise direction until it clicks into place

2. Thermostat Not Operating

If the thermostat fails to turn on, it’s likely that the thermostat’s wires or cables aren’t connected. So, it’s time you take off the base plate and make sure the wires are properly connected to the thermostat.

In addition to this, make sure that the cables aren’t squeezed by the base plate because it can cause damage to the cables, causing functionality issues. On the other hand, if you don’t have experience in handling wires, you should hire an electrician.

3. Stuck Display

If you are using the thermostat and the display is getting stuck, there are chances that there are some configuration errors. The solution is to reset your thermostat because it helps clear the temporary information or data that’s held in the device’s storage.

To reset the thermostat, you have to turn off the thermostat with the power button for five to ten minutes. During this time, the settings will be erased.

On the other hand, if turning off the power button doesn’t work, we recommend that you disconnect it with the help of the main power cable.

4. Low Airflow

If the thermostat is turned on but the airflow is low, you can increase the fan speed. For this purpose, you have to press the power button multiple times to toggle to the desired mode, tap the fan button, and select the high speed to increase the airflow.

Increase RV Fan Speed

In addition to this, you can also select the auto-fan mode, with which the airflow changes according to the environmental temperature.

For instance, if the temperature is less than 3 degrees Fahrenheit, the fan will operate on high speed, while medium speed is automatically set when the temperature is less than 1 degree Fahrenheit.

5. Thermostat Keeps Shutting Off

Furrion thermostat has been designed with the high-end protection protocol, which turns off the thermostat whenever it is overheated. It also turns off the heater.

The simplest solution is to cool down the vehicle and reset the thermostat. For this purpose, we recommend that you turn off the vehicle for a few minutes to cool down.

However, if the thermostat is constantly shutting off, there are chances that the ventilation is not good enough. So, check the vents, and if they are clogged, make sure that you clear the clogging.

Once the clogging is cleared, the ventilation will be optimized, preventing overheating.

6. Lo Error Code

If the thermostat is flashing the “Lo” error code on the display screen, you will need to reset the thermostat. This error code appears when there is a low temperature.

It’s likely that the thermostat isn’t set up properly or the environmental temperature is too low. To fix this issue, you’ve to follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Turn off the thermostat
  • Wait for ten to fifteen minutes and check the positioning of the thermostat
  • If the thermostat position and sensor are intact, you can turn on the thermostat and it will start working. On the other hand, if the sensor seems damaged, you should replace the sensor to ensure the correct temperature reading

On the other hand, if resetting the thermostat doesn’t work, there are chances the power supply is restricted. The thermostat needs a 12V power supply to work properly, so use the multimeter to check the voltage.

If the voltage is insufficient, you have to get the power supply repaired and make sure the battery is charged properly.

7. Thermostat Is Not Turning On

If you’ve turned on the RV or motorhome, but the thermostat is not turning on, there are chances that you haven’t turned it on properly. That’s because to turn on the Furrion thermostat, you have to press and hold the power button for at least three seconds to make sure it turns on.

After three seconds, the thermostat’s LCD display will turn on and the factory settings will be displayed.

However, if the thermostat is still not turning on, it’s likely that there is an internal hardware issue, so just call the electrician to get the thermostat checked. If some internal components are burnt or damaged, you should get them replaced.

8. Temperature Mode Is Changing Automatically

If your thermostat is automatically shifting between the heat and cool mode, there are chances that the auto mode has been turned on. For instance, if the temperature falls below 68 degrees Fahrenheit, the thermostat will automatically turn on the heat mode.

On the other hand, if the temperature exceeds 77 degrees Fahrenheit, the thermostat will turn on the cool mode. However, if you don’t want automated temperature changes, we recommend that you turn off the auto mode.

9. Fan Is Not Turning On

If you turn on the thermostat but the fan is not turning on along with it, it’s likely that the compressor is damaged. That’s because the fan turns on when the compressor starts operating.

For this reason, we recommend that you get the compressor checked by a professional and get it repaired.

10. Heat Mode Is Not Working

The heat mode in the thermostat is designed to warm up the room when the surrounding temperature decreases.

Warm Mode Not Working

However, if the heat mode is not working, you’ve to check the furnace. That’s because the heat mode only works when the furnace is turned on. This is because the system cycles the furnace based on the temperature set-point and room temperature.

11. E1 Error Code

There are various error codes associated with this thermostat. So, if the display is showing an E1 error code, it means that the indoor temperature sensor is not working.

The indoor temperature sensor is actually the electronic device that determines the temperature within the vehicle and signals the temperature changes. However, if the sensor is damaged, it won’t be able to record the temperature within the vehicle, causing temperature fluctuations.

So, whenever this error code appears on display, we recommend that you get the indoor temperature sensor replaced.

12. Sudden Fluctuations In The Temperature

If the temperature in your vehicle is fluctuating suddenly, there are chances that the thermostat is damaged and needs to be replaced.

In most cases, the thermostat drops the temperature to a low level and spikes up to an extremely high temperature within a matter of seconds. So, if the change in temperature doesn’t reflect the HVAC settings, it means that the thermostat is damaged and should be replaced.

Replace the thermostat

The Bottom Line

Furrion thermostats are a preferred option for many RVers, thanks to their excellent performance and durability. However, they are also bound to run into niggles from time to time.

We have discussed some of the most common problems associated with these thermostats in this article.

11 thoughts on “12 Furrion Thermostat Problems (And Their Solutions)”

  1. The thermostat is about 4° off how do you fix that I disconnect hot wire for 3 minutes and it’s still doing the same thing does that mean it needs a new thermostat because you got to turn your temperature way lower the way then it will turn off to the right temperature how to fix it

    • Mr. Seiffert, did you receive a reply to your question? I have a similar question in that the thermostat does not read the correct room temperature. It may be 80F in the camper but the thermostat reads 71F. We have to set the temperature very low for the AC to start. This does this in COOL and DRY modes.

  2. We bought a new 2021 XPLOR 221RB last year, love it! The furnace has worked well the few times we’ve used it, up until this last cold snap. My issue is that the “HEAT” option on my thermostat is no longer there. “COOL”, “FAN”, “DRY” come up when you scroll through the options but not heat. Anyone have any ideas? I think its the thermostat itself and should replace it, but this is not my area of expertise.

  3. I have a brand new grey wolf 23MK travel trailer, just brought home yesterday and parked in driveway
    Plug in the power cord and thermostat is flashing E3 can’t get rid of error code and power button is not shutting off the thermostat

    • When blinking E3, Press the Power On/Off button at the same time as the Fan button. After a few seconds, the thermostat will reboot and the fan will come on and Display two odd looking characters. Press again the on/off button and the Fan button, and you will return to the temperature display.

      I get the E3 display ALL the time, very annoying…

      Michael A

  4. Our 2023 Forest River has a Furrion thermostat. When we turn the heat to a desired temperature, it’ll come up to temp and just shut off for no apparent reason. For example, if we set it for 70° and go to bed, the next thing we know is it’s down to like 50° in the camper. Once in a while it’ll flash E3 which means loss communication with control box. What ever that means. Any ideas? Thanks.

  5. Got the same problem i have a cherokee 39dl dual stats bottom stat heat only.
    after four weeks of going to the dealer daily no joke daily here is what happing in my situation.
    took furnace out the loop because the furnace is surban and the air-condition is furrion coms issues im gonna call it.
    by pass the furrion stats get a cheep 2wire stat run to furnace disconnect the 2 wires from the furnace to the furrion stat put the new stat on this is what the dealer and i came up with to get heat wile they figure out the coms issue


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