4 Most Common Oreion Reeper Problems (Troubleshooting)

oreion reeper problems
oreion reeper problems

Oreion is a famous automobiles company known for manufacturing smaller off-road vehicles like ATVs, Quads, and UTVs. They have tons of lineups for their vehicles in the off-road categories and new vehicles are launched regularly.

That’s right- Oreion updates their off-road vehicle lineups every few years. This gives the company enough time to add new features. Oreion also keeps making the vehicles faster and more durable with every upgrade, so newer models are perfect for any camping trip or adventure.

While all the vehicles from Oreion are of excellent quality, one of the best out of them is the Oreion Reeper. This is an ATV that can go up to speeds of 60 mph, making it really fun to ride around in. Additionally, it has enough space for two people to sit comfortably. A spacious trunk for storage is also present.

While Oreion Reeper is an overall amazing ride, it’s important to note that the vehicle may run into minor troubles once in a while. We will be using this article to provide you with a list of common problems that can occur with the Oreion Reeper, along with their fixes.

Oreion Reeper Problems

1. Vehicle Not Starting

Vehicle Not Starting

If your Oreion Reeper isn’t starting, the first thing you need to check is the batteries. Most of the common issues with vehicles come from a problem in the electrical system. If your Reeper doesn’t start, then there’s a problem with either the battery or wiring. We’ll cover battery issues and troubleshooting in this section.

ATVs don’t start when the battery runs out of charge . Insufficient charging can give jolts to the vehicle as well but the quad won’t start. In these cases, to fire up your starter for the vehicle to run, you need to ensure that your batteries are running in the best possible conditions.

You can start by checking what type of battery you are using. If this requires you to fill it up with water then make sure the level is not too low . If it is then you can fill up your battery back with battery water.

If your battery has formed layers of oxide on it, especially around the terminals, then it may interfere with the current. You can pour some battery water on the oxides to soften them up, then wipe them with some scrubbing. Avoid being too harsh with the scrubbing pad or cloth.

It’s important to remove these layers as soon as they form because they prevent electricity from flowing through the device. Once cleaned up, you can test your batteries again to see if they are working fine now.

If your Oreion Reeper won’t start after filling up the battery, then you may need to jump-start the device. For this, you’ll need an external power source like another working vehicle with a charged battery, plus some jumper cables. Though beware, as trying to jump-start a vehicle with an electronic ignition system can be damaging.

To jump-start your ATV using a car or another quad, begin by parking both vehicles parallel to each other. Take out your jumper cables, then attach both the red clips to the positive terminals of both batteries- the dead one and the charged one. Afterward, attach one of the black clips to the negative terminal of the charged battery of the other vehicle. Lastly, fix the second black clip on an unpainted metal part of your car, ideally away from the battery.

Now, run the working car for a few minutes. After that, try starting your car. If it jump starts, then let it run for at least 10 minutes while you unplug the jumper cables. Don’t shut your car off, otherwise, the battery won’t charge.

If your car still doesn’t start, then it’s a possibility that there’s wire damage or your battery is broken and corroded. A damaged or faulty alternator can also lead to this problem.

To avoid facing these troubles, you should ideally check all the key parts of your ATV prior to purchasing, including the battery. Routine maintenance that you can schedule with your mechanic shop is a must too.

2. Wiring Problems

Wiring Problems

If you have checked your batteries by going through the steps mentioned above but your vehicle is still not starting, then the problem might be due to your car’s wiring. Although uncommon, the internal wiring can come off or get damaged while you drive the ATV around. You can access the wiring by opening your Oreion Reeper hood and removing the panel present beneath the steering.

Now you should be able to see all the cables. Carefully connect any that have come off. For this specific model, you can find some video tutorials online. If you are hesitant to do this on your own, or issues persist while driving, then it is better that you visit a workshop near you.

The workshop should be able to test the vehicle for you and notify you about any issues with it. You can then get these repaired directly from them or do this on your own. Most cables that have gotten cut need to be replaced with new ones.

Signs of damaged cables include jolts and needing multiple attempts to fire up the vehicle. If wires are totally disconnected, then the vehicle might not start at all.

Other than that, bad engine performance can also result from loose wire connections. If you just bought the Reeper vehicle but are facing wiring damage or improperly installed connections, then it’s likely an assembly issue, and you can contact Oreion about it.

3. Stability Issues

Stability Issues

Another issue that people have reported with this vehicle is that it’s not very stable. While driving at high speeds you might notice that the ATV starts to swerve or shake. This isn’t ideal, especially as the vehicle is designed for rough and uneven terrains.

Luckily, most stability issues aren’t a big deal and mainly arise from problems with the tires rather than the vehicle itself. It’s important to ensure that the tires on your ATV are filled up regularly to the recommended values. Running the vehicle on low or too high air pressure will cause stability issues with it, which in turn can cause an impact on some parts and lead to damage.

If filling up your tires doesn’t solve the dilemma, then it’s likely your tires have simply worn out. Every tire has a limited lifespan, and if you’re buying a used ATV or have been driving the vehicle around for a while, then a tire change can be imminent.

Usually, it does not matter what company you are going for when it comes to the tires- just pick the ideal size and quality in your budget. Rim sizes should match.

If you have trouble deciding between tire companies, you can always check recommendations online to help you out with your choice. Alternatively, you can visit a tire shop to see all the brands available there and get recommendations.

4. Weak Engine

Weak Engine

An underperforming engine is another complaint many drivers mention about the Oreion Reeper series. However, this mostly happens when users try to ride the vehicle at high speeds. Reeper models are low-speed ATVs, so they’re not a comfortable ride for anyone who likes powerful engines that run really fast.

However, if you feel like the vehicle has engine troubles and shuts off or slows down even at lower speeds, then you may need engine repairs from a workshop. Have your ATV checked asap.


And that concludes our list of the common Oreion Reeper problems. The most common issue is the vehicle not starting, which usually stems from having a dead battery that needs jump-starting. Stability issues are also present but they can be resolved by filling up your tires.

A decrease in engine performance or random jolting can be attributed to wiring damage. Properly testing the vehicle before purchasing and regular maintenance can help avoid major problems.

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