RV Tire Brands: Toyo vs. Michelin

RV Tire Brands: Toyo vs. Michelin
RV Tire Brands: Toyo vs. Michelin

Toyo vs. Michelin RV Tires

When it comes to vehicles in general, it seems like one of the most important components is sometimes overlooked and not given enough attention, we are talking about the tires. Sometimes it feels like they don’t contribute much, but if you think about it, they are what keeps your vehicle afloat and ongoing, separating it from the ground.

One of the most serious and common mistakes regarding tires is to ignore that they are a very important part of basic driving safety. They are not only responsible for transmitting the needed engine power and stopping abruptly when we require it, but when they are in optimal condition, they provide greater stability on the road and improve performance on wet roads or rainy days.

Driving with tires in good condition is essential to reduce the risk of road accidents and it is part of everyone’s responsibilities as a competent driver. Some essential things to do to check them constantly are Physical inspections, Inflation pressure, see how thick the tire still is, check the expiration date, and have decent spare tires.

In this article we will go through two popular brands used for RV tires: Toyo and Michelin and we will try to compare and differentiate them.


Toyo tires range around $200-$500 USD each, while Michelin tires can range from $300-$1000 USD each. If you opt for Toyo and you need to change all 4 of them you will be probably saving a couple of thousand dollars depending on the model.


The territories where the RV move around are never the same, not only the quality of the pavement is different, but the soils, climate, and geography as well. That’s why tires must be designed and tested according to where the RV is going to be traveling in. Michelin assures its costumers that they focus on supporting your RV with the most adequate tires that will help you get maximum fuel-efficiency, high mileage and precise load control having a warranty of up to 7 years. While Toyo says they aim to make tires for a lower cost per mile, while still having more low budget-friendly prices, making it a leading value alternative brand opposed to their more popular competitors with a warranty of up to 5 years. Let’s also note that most RV users say that RV tires really don’t wear out but simple age. With this they mean they will last enough time as long as you keep maintaining them constantly checking possible air leaks, nails attached, etc.

To make your final choice, the most proper thing to do is to do some research, first of all check if the size of tires that you need is offered by any of these 2 great brands, and if they do, most users who have Toyo have not seen any problems with them and prefer them for their low price compared to Michelin.

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