Norcold RV Refrigerator Not Working On Electric: 3 Fixes

norcold rv refrigerator not working on electric
norcold rv refrigerator not working on electric

Norcold is one of the most popular and best brands out there in the world that are making these RV refrigerators. Most Refrigerators that one can find out there are about AC only and need a quite high supply of current to make it work for them. However, these RV refrigerators from Norcold are running on the DC and can be just the perfect thing to have for taking with you on camping.

With these RV Refrigerators, you will be having the best cooling experience as you can manage to keep the drinks cold, and food preserved. If it is not working on electric for you, here is what you will need to do.

Norcold RV Refrigerator Not Working On Electric

1) AC converter

Well, a refrigerator is no good if it is for camping only and might go bad if you are using it for camping once in a blue moon. Also, you will want to use it on your electric circuit and the grid sometimes as well.

You must understand that these refrigerators are designed to be operated on batteries and they are running on DC that is Direct Current. To run them on the AC, that is Alternating Current running through your home grid, you will need to use an AC converted.

Now, you can get these AC converters directly from the Norcold as well. However, if you don’t feel confident about it, then you should not try this on your own. There are certain complications involved and you will need to get the right assistance from a technician if you want to make it work for you. That will ensure that the circuit is designed perfectly and there are not any sorts of issues on the circuit to cause you any troubles.

2) Check the Fuse

These refrigerators come with overcurrent protection with the ability to shut themselves down if there is an overcurrent in the electronic circuit. This is done to ensure a stable supply of current to not cause any sort of damages to the equipment and parts inside the refrigerator that will be messing up it is working later on.

So, there is a fuse inside the power supply that avoids any such mishaps on your refrigerator. You will need to check that fuse first to ensure that it has not been tripped already and will need to get a replacement if there are any issues with the fuse. That will help you figure it out better and you will be able to use it without any issues.

3) Contact Norcold

If you are unable to figure it out and you have tried setting up the AC adapter perfectly and there seems to be no issue with the fuse either. You will need to contact the Norcold support department and they will be able to take a good look at your refrigerator and diagnose the problem more accurately.

After a proper diagnosis is done, they will be able to fix the problem for you for good and you will never have to face the problem again.

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  1. I Have a Brand New Norcold Refrigerator In my 5th wheel and I turned the Refrigerator on elec and it just shows AC code and wont get cold you can hear it running but it wont get cold I put it over to gas and the top part is cold waiting to see if the Bottom gets cold any Help would be Nice


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