3 Ways To Fix Pop-Up Camper Exterior Lights Not Working

pop up camper exterior lights not working
pop up camper exterior lights not working

Pop Up Camper is the right choice for camping with moderate weather conditions. If you don’t expect to go below sub-zero temperatures and there are not many rainfalls expected on the places that you want to go on the camping trip for, then you should be definitely going for the Pop-Up campers since they are a whole lot cheaper in terms of pricing and can be parked inside a regular garage too at times given that you have enough height.

These campers come with exterior lights so you can spend the evenings at your camp in a better manner. If these lights stop working, here are a few things that you will need to do.

How To Fix Pop-Up Camper Exterior Lights Not Working?

1. Check Bulbs

Well, if one of the lights suddenly goes off out of nowhere, that would definitely mean there is something wrong with the bulb or the connection since all the other lights are running fine. So, take off that particular bulb out of the socket and watch out for any apparent damages for it. Also, check for the socket and make sure that it is fine and connected with the wires at the back. That will help you get a better idea of the problem and fixing it.

It is wise to keep a bulb or two extra with you whenever you want to go on any such trips as it will help you with making it work whenever some bulb fails during the trip so that you can avoid the inconveniences.

2. Check Fuses

Fuses might not look like much but they play a key role in the circuit and if any of the fuses has gone bad, then you will have to face these problems. So, keep some fuses handy whenever you are going on a trip.

These fuses will come in handy if there are any sort of problems with them. So, check all the fuses for lights and try replacing them with a new fuse if you find some of the fuses faulty.

That will help you get rid of the problem for good and you will not have to deal with the darkness again. This will come in pretty handy if you don’t wish to spoil your trip and have a darker evening out there in the woods or the camping grounds that you wish to go to.

3. Check the Wiring

The last thing that you should be checking on if nothing else so far has worked out for you is the wiring. You need to make sure that the wiring is intact with no short circuits on it and that it is not causing you to have any issues.

You will need to check on all the connections and make sure that the wires are connected to all the switches, battery and bulbs properly to ensure that you don’t have to face this sort of issue while you are on the trip. That will help you get rid of the problem for good.

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