3 Ways To Repair Pop-Up Camper Canvas Seam

pop up camper canvas seam repair
pop up camper canvas seam repair

Pop-Up campers with canvas need to be taken special care of, as they come with all sorts of pros and cons of their own. Of all the things that one might have to deal with, a seam on the canvas can be the most troublesome one on a trip down the road.

The canvas seam can not only cause leakage of cold air and heat through the canvas but it will also cause you to deal with any leakages of water inside if there is too much humidity out there and not to mention the water in case it is raining. So, you must know how to repair it properly, and here are a few tips for making that happen.

How To Repair Pop-Up Camper Canvas Seam?

1. A Repair Kit

A Canvas pop-up camper is just like a tent and it doesn’t come without all that it means. It means less durability, and of course, the delicacy that can be cut into with any sharp object, a branch on top of it, and more.

That is why those who have the pop-up camper with canvas need to keep a repair kit in their van at all times. Just make sure that you pick a good repair kit from the store and that is going to help you be prepared for a rainy day when it comes to that.

2. Dry off the Surface

If the seam is caused by some leakage or some reason like the humidity, you will need to dry off the surface first. That will ensure that the repair kit or the adhesive that you are using would be working perfectly. If you put it on a surface that is dampened already, then it will not work for sure. So, make sure that you are drying it off properly.

Another thing that you should be taking care of is to clean up the surface for good and make sure that there are no dirt particles or any other things on the canvas around the seam that you might want to repair. This way, the repair kit will work effectively and you will not have to go through many troubles.

3. Take it to a Dealership

If you are not sure and you have not tried this sort of repair before, then it is better not to try this yourself. There are chances that you might do it wrong and it may not work, or even worse and you can spoil the whole canvas while trying to fix the seam.

So, if you don’t find yourself to have the right confidence to have this fixed. Then you should be taking this to a dealership and that will ensure that they can get it fixed properly. You need to know that sometimes it is not possible to fix it and, in such cases, you will have to get the canvas replaced for good. This can only be dealt with with proper skills and the right equipment. So, taking the RV to a dealership will help you get the best fix for the problem.

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