Dometic RM1350 Not Cooling: 3 Ways To Fix

dometic rm1350 not cooling
dometic rm1350 not cooling

Having a refrigerator in your house is almost a must. These devices keep your edibles cold, which prevents them from decaying or getting worse.

Considerably, if you own an RV and enjoy going out on trips. Then you should know how important it is to own a refrigerator. This is especially the case if you go out on really long camping trips.

Many companies manufacture these products, but one of the most famous ones is Dometic. The brand manufactures many models that you can select from. Out of which one of their best ones is the Dometic RM1350.

While this is an amazing refrigerator to own. Recently, some Dometic users have reported that their RM1350 is not cooling. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some steps that should help you troubleshoot.

Dometic RM1350 Not Cooling

  1. Adjust Temperature

When using refrigerators, one of the most important things to look out for is the temperature on them. These can be adjusted to provide you with different cooling options. Talking about this, you might have accidentally switched this slightly. Alternatively, there might have been a temperature or climate change that caused the sensors to stop cooling any further.

Whatever the case might be, you can change the temperature on your Dometic refrigerator to a lower amount. This should help it is starting to cool down your edibles again. Make sure that the temperature you have set is lower than the current temperature in your vehicle is.

  1. Check Voltage

Sometimes there can be fluctuations in current which can stop your appliances from functioning. This is even more common when using an RV. This is why you must check the current coming to your fridge. Use a voltmeter to take a reading, this should help you in identifying if there is an issue with the current.

If there is then check your batteries as well as wiring. Fixing problems with them will most likely help your refrigerator to start cooling again. The model that you are using also uses a trips button placed on it. This gets switched off in case of low currents. Push it back on to start up your electrical appliance again.

  1. Replace Fuse

If the problem persists, then the fuses in your refrigerator have most likely died. These are installed to protect the appliance from getting damaged. If there are any problems with the current coming to the device, then these will cut the connection by dying out.

Considering this, the fuse in your refrigerator is most likely dead. You can replace this by opening up the Dometic fridge from its side. You can then access all of its electrical parts so be careful while replacing the fuse. Another thing to keep in mind when you purchase a new fuse is its current limits.

Make sure that your fuse supports the current values required by the Dometic RM1350 to avoid any problems. Lastly, you should purchase a few of these and keep them as a spare so that you can easily replace them in the future as well.

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