Onan Generator Dies When Start Button Is Released: 3 Fixes

onan generator dies when start button is released
onan generator dies when start button is released

Having access to electricity has become more of a need nowadays. This is because most of our appliances need the power to run and in case of power failure, users have to wait for the issue to resolve.

This is where generators come in. You can use these devices to power up your appliances and the only requirement for them is usually fuel.

Onan Generator Dies When Start Button Is Released

Onan is one of the best companies that manufacture these generators and you can purchase them in varying models. These have different features provided with them and their overall output capacity is also different.

While these generators might be great some users have reported a problem with their device. Their Onan generator dies when the start button is released. If this is also happening with you then here are some simple steps that you can follow to fix it.

  1. Check Voltage

The generator dying as soon as the start button on it is lifted means that there is no output coming from the device. You can confirm this by using a voltmeter and attaching it to the output of your generator.

Then proceed to take a reading and note if any current is coming through. If there isn’t any then you can check for any wires that had been accidentally disconnected.

Attaching them back in should fix the problem that you are getting. Keep in mind that testing the current on generators can be dangerous.

This is why it is recommended that you get professional help if you get issues like this. However, if you still want to fix it on your own then make sure to take precautions.

  1. Damaged Rotor or Stators

If the problem persists then it is most likely then some part of your generator has become damaged. It can be quite difficult to point down what might be causing the issue.

But you can do it by following the troubleshooting tree provided with Onan. Their manual has a complete list of all the parts of their generator and you can check them one by one.

Going through the list will take you a lot of time but once you pin down the exact part that is damaged. You can then purchase a replacement for it through a store nearby you.

Onan is a proud company that provides its users with all the replacement parts for their generators that you can order from them easily. Replacing the damaged parts should help fix your generator.

  1. Starter Switch Has Gone Bad

If all the parts on your generator are working fine but you are still getting the same issue then this means that your starter switch has gone bad. Although, you can easily get It fixed or replaced as well from a workshop.

You should note that the switch getting damaged is quite unlikely to be the reason for this problem. This is why it is recommended that you check all the parts and fuel levels on your Onan generator first before you proceed with taking it to a workshop.

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