3 Ways To Fix Dometic Refrigerator Igniter Not Working

dometic refrigerator igniter not working
dometic refrigerator igniter not working

Unlike other refrigerators, the Dometic products use a unique system to cool your beverages and other food products. This unique absorption system makes it a perfect fit for your motorhome. These fridges are energy efficient and depending upon the model, they are compatible with different power sources.

Moreover, these refrigerators have a compact design and are energy efficient. So, if you are looking for a portable refrigerator for your motorhome then Dometic is the perfect fit for you.

Sadly, you will often see customers bringing up complaints regarding the Dometic Refrigerator igniter not working. If you’re also not getting any spark or flame from the igniter then try following these steps to potentially fix your refrigerator.

How to Fix Dometic Refrigerator Igniter Not Working?

  1. Check Wiring & Connectors

If you had this refrigerator for a while then you should try cleaning the connectors to the igniter and main control. If they are crude and dated then try using the baking soda paste to clean these connectors. A flake of rust can short the whole system.

So, before doing anything else, you should open up the system to inspect different connectors and components. After cleaning the connectors, you should be able to get the igniter working again if the igniter is not defective.

You can also use a multimeter or other measuring tool to find whether or not there is any voltage present at the terminal or solenoid. Ideally, you should get a reading from both the terminal and the solenoid section of the device.

If you’re on the gas mode then you will only get a reading within the first 40 seconds of using the ignition. Depending upon the reading on the measuring tool, you might have to change the whole circuit board or some wires if the issue is related to the solenoid.

After cleaning the connectors and checking the integrity of your wiring, you should try using the ignitor again to check for spark.

  1. Check Battery Status

If you’re getting weak sparks from the igniter then it might be that the battery is not supplying the igniter with enough power to spark the flame. We know that the ignitor circuit is powered by the battery which gets amplified and creates a spark for the flame.

However, if the power supply is weak then you won’t get a strong enough spark from the igniter. To check whether or not you have battery issues, try connecting your motorhome to shore power. If the igniter works perfectly while on shore power then you will know for sure that the issue is with the battery.

The power supply is adequate when the motorhome is connected to the shore power, which is why you won’t be running into the same issues with your igniter. The logical thing to do at this stage would be to replace the power cables or the battery as a whole.

If you bought the battery recently then the issue is probably with your power cables. However, if you have had this system for many years then now might be a good time to get a battery replacement. Otherwise, your igniter won’t work until it keeps gets an adequate power supply.

  1. Replace Igniter

Now, following the fixes mentioned before can be applied quite easily but the issue can be unique for each user. Meaning that you will have to isolate the cause of the problem yourself before you can find a troubleshooting method that can help you with this issue.

Usually, the customers just buy a new igniter for their Dometic Refrigerator and that solves the igniter problem for them. So, if you are unable to fix the refrigerator after going through the solutions mentioned above then you should also buy a replacement for the igniter.

It doesn’t cost as much and you will be saving a lot of valuable time that way. If you can’t get your hands on an igniter replacement then you should take the refrigerator to a repair center.

That way you can get your Dometic refrigerator examined by an expert and he can point you in the right direction. He will check the connectors, circuit board, and wiring for your igniter which will increase your chances of fixing the igniter. However, repair centers can be a bit costly depending upon where you live.

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