3 Common Dometic Duo Therm Problems (Troubleshooting)

dometic duo therm troubleshooting
dometic duo therm troubleshooting

Dometic is a Swedish group that manufactures many products that are mostly focused on recreational vehicles. These are sometimes even used in hospitals or boating because of their portability.

You can easily move around their equipment and even carry them due to their design. One of the best-selling products from Dometic is their air conditioner units. Many companies have these installed on their vehicles by default.

Considering this, if you own a motorhome or RV then the AC in your vehicle might be from Dometic as well. Some brands even give you the option to get this installed as an add-on.

While these are amazing, you can still get a few problems with them. Though, if the user is prepared for these then they can be easy to deal with. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some troubleshooting steps about the Dometic Duo Therm.

Dometic Duo Therm Troubleshooting

  1. Unit Not Switching On

One of the most common problems that users have reported about getting on the Dometic air conditioner is that it is not switching on. If you are also facing this error then the first thing to check is your connections.

There might be a button that is switched off or your unit might not be getting power correctly. If all the connections are switched on but you are still having the same issue.

Then proceed to take off the air conditioner from its main connection. Sometimes there might be an error with your outlet that can also give you similar problems. Use a voltmeter to ensure the current values on the socket are correct. If not then use a spare connection nearby to switch on your device. It should now start working fine.

You can then get your previous connection fixed to start using it again. Usually, if your outlets use a fuse in them then these can be replaced. If not then you will have to get the entire connection replaced.

In rare cases, the user might even have to get the wirings for their outlet replaced. Though, you should contact an electrician for these to ensure the socket is replaced currently. Changing these on your own can be dangerous and hazardous.

  1. Reset Thermostat

Sometimes people can get error codes or problems with their air conditioner units. These usually happen when there is a configuration error and you can reset the device in this case. This will remove all the changes that you had made to the system.

Additionally, the device should revert to its factory default files. The process deletes anything that can be causing this issue along with it. You can then proceed to set up your files again and use your air conditioner without any more problems. While resetting the unit make sure that you keep it switched on.

You can then hold down the down, up, and time buttons on the device at the same time. Keep them held down for a few seconds. You will then notice that the vents on your air conditioner have started to move around. This indicates that the process has started and you should now wait for some time. The unit should be reset after a while and you can then start using it.

  1. Gas Leakage

Most problems with air conditioners are related to electrical or configuration errors. Though, some people might run into a gas leakage with their unit.

These devices contain a volume of gas in them that cools down the air for the unit. Once this has been leaked out, you will notice that only warm air is being pumped out. If this happens then you will have to either contact Dometic directly. Alternatively, you can even contact a repairing agency for air conditioner units.

They will check the tank and fix where the air was leaking from. They should then also be able to fill it back in for you. The process should take some time but once it is done. Your unit will start pumping cold air again. People who have their devices under warranty should contact the company directly. They will most likely be provided with a free repair but make sure that you go through the guidelines beforehand.

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  1. I have a duo-therm thermostat by Dometic in a 2007 Keystone Sprinter 274 trailer. The ac come on and cools fine when you first turn it on but after it cycles off and then tries to restart it makes a loud humming sound but the fan never starts running so I turn it off. When I wait about 20-30 minutes and restart it, it comes on just fine but then won’t cycle back on. Any ideas?

  2. I have a duo-therm in a 2003 Keystone sprinter 5th wheel. The air conditioner seems to try to be cycling when it is off. It makes a humming noise. What may be the problem

  3. 2007 Sprinter 311BHS, compressor will not shut down unless I shut it at the main breaker. Replaced the thermostat hoping that would remedy the problem. Still continues to do the same


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