The Difference Between 193 and 194 Bulb For Your RV

difference between 193 and 194 rv bulb
difference between 193 and 194 rv bulb

Before beginning to travel at night, be it with family or alone, it is very important that all elements of the vehicle are checked properly in order to make sure they are functioning correctly. This includes the tires, gas, and lights, though these have been known to be overlooked very often.

Even in the case of RVs, owners may make haste by replacing original bulbs with whatever will work, rather than looking at the better options available. However, this is something to think about because the use of incorrect bulbs for your car’s lights can possibly lead to accidents while driving, especially by using random bulbs that may not have the correct voltage strength. Having the right light is critical and essential during emergencies, particularly when you stop on poorly lit roads or in tunnels.

When putting on the lights of our vehicle, it is important to remember that not only do they light our way, but also help other drivers see where we are going . Therefore, it is crucial that we select the right light for the circumstance to ensure an overall sense of safety while on the road.

What Size RV Lights Would You Need?

What Size RV Lights Would You Need

There are different ways to tell the right size of RV lights that you would need. One of the easiest ways is to park your RV on a flat surface and point the headlight on the wall. The strength of the light can be determined by the amount of wall that is lit up. Similarly, this can also help you realize when your light would need to be changed.

The top of the low beam coming on the wall needs to be at or a little below the height of the middle of the headlight lens for most RVs. The pattern of light formed needs to be higher on the right side to brighten up the road signs when driving and lower on the right side to protect other drivers from being blindsided. This will help understand the type of light your vehicle needs..

The first thing when looking at lights is to know about the type of lighting that your RV would need. Some qualities to think about when choosing include:

  • Crossing, short-range or to see
  • Far-reaching
  • Position or daytime running lights
  • Blinkers, etc.

193 vs. 194 RV Bulb Difference

Today we will discuss two popular choices for bulbs that are used in RVs and look at their specifications. These are the 193 RV bulb and the 194 RV bulb. They are also referred to as mini bulbs because of their small size.

However, you should also think about compatibility when it comes to fixing a bulb in your specific RV, that is, the model of your RV and the bulb should be compatible.  There are multiple brands to choose from and each of them offer models that vary in specifications and prices.

  Lifespan Power and Voltage Housing Warranty
193 RV Bulb 15,000 hours 12V 5W No housing
194 RV Bulb 15,000 hours 14V 3W No housing
HELLA 002395301 50,000 hours 12V 55W Reflective aluminum 1-year limited
KASLIGHT 50,000 hours 15V 3W Aluminum 2-year limited
Xprite 45 Watt 50,000 hours 15V 45W High-end aluminum 1-year limited
60W Philips Chips 50,000 hours 12V 60W Die-cast aluminum 2-year limited

193 RV Bulb

The 193 RV Bulb can last up to 15,000 hours of use. It is 1.06 inches long and 0.4 inches wide, and has an amperage of 0.33 Amps. The voltage is 14 volts and the glass bulb itself is a T3.25 bulb. The 193 RV Bulb also has 4.62 watts. You can buy a package of 10 of the 193 RV bulbs for around 7-8 USD on Amazon.

194 RV Bulb

While the 194 RV bulb can also last up to 15,000 hours, and has a length of 1.06 inches and a diameter of 0.56 inches, the amperage of it, 0.27 Amps, is lower than the 193 RV, while the voltage is of 14 volts and the glass bulb itself is a T3.25 Bulb. Compared to the 193 RV, it takes less Watts, which is at 3.8 Watts. The price is around the same as the 193 RV; you can buy a package of 10 of the 194 RV bulbs for around $7-$8 USD on Amazon as well.

Alongside the 193 RV and 194 RV Bulbs, you can also look at other kinds of lighting to suit your specific needs. Here are a list of a few of them:

HELLA 002395301

This is arguably the most popular choice as it’s your conventional halogen bulb. The light is more intense, with almost a 50% improvement in the intensity of its low beam, and 25% improved high beam.

To further improve its efficiency, the aluminum case reflects light, increasing the light’s brightness. And, there’s also a 12 month warranty. Compared with older bulbs that give off halogen light, this is a significantly better option.

KASLIGHT 4pcs 4×6 LED Headlights

There has been an increased demand for these LED headlights over the past decade. The reason for that is simple; they are generally quite long-lasting and are significantly more energy-efficient when compared with other models.

More importantly, you get to choose from several different shapes instead of the conventional bulb design. They are encased in a durable aluminum housing, and are considerably brighter than other LED chips.

They’re generally designed with safety in mind, and have led to a significant reduction in road accidents. The light is generally warm, with a temperature that’s around 6,000 K. That’s not all, they can also last upwards of 50,000 hours. And, they are waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about any kind of water damage!

Xprite 45 Watt 4×6″ LED Headlight

The Xprite set of four LED bulbs are generally more efficient than conventional halogen bulbs. You can also use them as reversal lights or even spotlights. They can last for up to 50,000 hours, and are generally dustproof, waterproof, and can be used in muddy or rough conditions.

The brightness is around 4,200 lumens when you set the beam to low, and 2,500 lumens on high. The housing is made from robust aluminum so it’s not going to warp or sustain damage. The bulb dissipates heat easily, and there’s a tiny space to allow for moisture release too.

4Pcs 60W Philips Chips

Philips is a household brand in the lighting industry. And, their set of four LED bulbs is very easy to add to your RV; you don’t need any specialized equipment — a screwdriver will suffice.

They’re also quite bright, emitting up to 6,500 lumens when the beam’s set to low, and 3,800 on a high beam. The design of the bulb helps with effective heat dissipation, as the back is ribbed. The die-cast aluminum housing is sturdy and the shiny texture improves reflectiveness.

Their universal design and nature means that you can easily install them in almost any model out there. However, the only gripe one can have with these headlights is that they are comparatively priced higher than other models.

What to Look For When Buying RV Headlights

What to Look For When Buying RV Headlights

If you are still looking for good lights for your RV and are confused about how to go about it, you should always keep a few important qualities in mind that will definitely help your search.


The average lifespan of most headlights that are made for RVs is usually 50,000 hours, and doesn’t fall below the 30,000 mark. This is quite high when compared with their halogen counterparts. The high-end variants can last for up to six years, or 50,000 hours.

However, most cheaper ones can last for up to 30,000 hours, and are generally a popular choice as they come with an integrated fan for cooling too.


Arguably a major feature that you need to consider when buying headlights for your RV is versatility; can the headlights be easily installed in the RV? It might be a wise idea to look at the dimensions of the bulb and the dimensions of the space available in the RV. You may want to check the manual that comes with your headlights before making a decision.


The color temperature and warmth are also important factors to consider. The brighter LED models will improve visibility on the road, making it easier to drive on those dimly lit areas. White color is measured in Kelvin, whereas LED colors (RGB) are stated in nanometers.

Overall Intensity

The lumens indicate just how intense the light actually is. You can check the specification on the box to determine how bright the light is going to be when the beam is high or low. The greater this number, the brighter your LED lights are going to be.


Warranty is something that most people tend to overlook, but it’s an important factor to consider. Most companies that sell LED bulbs offer a 24-month warranty. Some offer direct replacements, while others provide technical care and support.

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