1141 vs 1156 Bulb: What’s The Difference?

1141 vs 1156 bulb
1141 vs 1156 bulb

Going out on trips whether it be hiking or camping can be a lot of fun. Although, when you decide to stay there for several weeks as well as take your friends and family with you.

It can get a little hard to travel in a small vehicle. This is because the storage space will most likely be not enough for you and the vehicle will be cramped from inside. The best solution for this is using a motorhome or recreational vehicle.

Through, if you own one then you should know that it is important to keep them maintained and purchase the best equipment for them. Talking about this, people should consider what type of bulbs they use in their vehicles.

These help in providing you with light during nighttime. Mainly, there are two types of bulbs that you can install on your RV, which are 1141 or 1156 bulbs. If you are confused about selecting one out of the two then this article should help you out.

1141 vs 1156 Bulb

1141 Bulb

Both the 1141 and 1156 bulbs use the same sockets. This means that users can plug either of the two bulbs into the same connector. Which ends up making it easier for users to switch between the two and test them out.

While both of these might have the same connectors and size, you should note that there is quite a difference between them.

This can be distinguished by going through the specifications for the products. The 1141 bulbs are the standard ones that most RV manufacturers use in their vehicles. These are relatively cheaper than 1156 which makes companies save a lot of money.

Another great thing about these bulbs is the heat they produce. Most bulbs produce heat which is not noticed by people because of how high up they are on the roof in their homes.

Although, for RVs, the roofs are no more than 6 to 7 feet. This means that the bulbs will be right above your heads and the heat coming from them will be noticeable. Consequently, if you use an 1141 bulb then you will notice almost no heat coming from the product which can help you in staying cozy.

The 1141 bulb is a great option to go for and should last you a long time but It also has some downsides that you should know about. The maximum lumens that an 1141 bulb can produce are 259. These are bright but not as much as a standard 1156 one.

1156 Bulb

The 1156 bulbs are a great option for people who want to change the previous ones on their vehicles. These can output up to 402 lumens which are almost 50% more than 1141 bulbs.

Additionally, these are designed to last you a longer time than most of the other bulbs available on the makes. Although, there are some disadvantages of using these bulbs over 1141. One of the most important ones is the consumption of energy required.

While these might use a little more power than the other version. It can get visible when using them on your motorhomes. This is because these vehicles have a limited amount of power and you can start to run out of it if you keep your lights switched on all the time.

Similarly, the higher usage of power also produces much more heat. If there are any plastic items near these bulbs, then they can start to meltdown.

This is why you should make sure that you clear up space around these bulbs if you decide to use them. Lastly, the price for these is much higher than the 1141 bulbs because of the time these will end up lasting you.

Visually, there is no difference between these two and the only way to differentiate them is by going through the list of features on these products.

Many companies manufacture both of these. So if you are interested in purchasing one out of the two then you should keep in mind to select a well-known brand. This will help you in getting the best possible product for yourself.

If you are still confused then you can even try using both the bulbs in your RV. This will help you in figuring out which one is better out of the two.

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