5 Most Common Cherokee Grey Wolf Problems

cherokee grey wolf problems
cherokee grey wolf problems

RVs or Recreational Vehicles are a great thing to have whenever you are out camping. These vehicles help make your journey a lot safer and convenient for you. Not only do they help in providing you with the required space you need, but you can also enjoy a comfortable ride in them.

Cherokee Grey Wolf Problems

Surely it can get quite annoying when you are in the middle of camping, and your RV suddenly starts having issues. At times like these, you will need some sort of knowing beforehand if you want to get your RV to start running again.

The Cherokee Grey Wolf is one popular RV that we have seen many users complain about. This is why today; we will be taking a look at all the possible different ways on how the issue can be resolved for good. So, without wasting any time further let’s get right into it!

1. Bathroom Sink Location

One of the first issues that we have seen many users complaint about is that the bathroom sink’s location is just right next to the dinette. This seems to be a major turn-off for plenty of users as they don’t like the idea of the bathroom sink being so close to the dinette.

On the other hand, some users are unaffected by the sink’s location. While we haven’t heard about any actual issues with the sink’s location, it really depends on whether you are comfortable with having the sink being placed near the dinette. There shouldn’t be any actual inconveniences with using the dinette or the bathroom sink.

It is also worth mentioning that we have found users who actually appreciate having a sink outside the main bathroom. This gives you the room for being able to wash your hands, even when someone is currently using the bathroom. Unless you are using the water on full blast, you wouldn’t have to worry about any water splashes getting to the dinette.

2. Wood And Metal Shavings

Most of the people who have previously purchased the Cherokee Grey Wolf have complained about seeing various wood and metal shavings on the body. While there were no major marks, this is still pretty concerning.

Some users even mentioned having these shavings present in almost every compartment, access, drawer. In case you are wondering where these shavings came from, they may have gotten there during the manufacturing process.

This is why we highly recommend that you check every nook and cranny carefully. You can use a bright flashlight to inspect all the spaces inside the RV. Even if you do notice the shavings, you should be able to clean them.

3. Nuts Not Being Tight Enough

Weirdly enough, we have also heard certain users mention the nuts not being tight enough. It seems that all the nuts around the perimeter of the bottom of the unit are only various degrees of tight. This is why these nuts might seem to fall off if you aren’t careful enough.

Although this isn’t that big of an issue and can be avoided really easily, it is still something to be varied off. So, if you do decide to buy the Cherokee Grey Wolf, one of the first things that you will need to do is to double-check these nuts. Unless you don’t want to end up losing all of them, make sure that you turn them tightly.

4. Roof Leak

After using the RV for some time, we have seen cases where the front cap of the roof in the RV suddenly started leaking. Luckily, these leaks can be fixed quite easily. However, there isn’t any explanation as to why these leaks suddenly started happening in the first place.

If you do notice these leaks start appearing, you will have to repair them using Eternabond tape. You can get the tape through any reliable store. In case you are having a hard time finding the right tools or fixing the leaks yourself, you can always call in a professional and have him fix it for you.

5. Door Latch Issues

Just like the previous issue mentioned in the list, we have also heard from users about the door latch sticking to some degree after using the RV for some time. In some cases, the door latch sticking was caused because of an error made by the user himself.

However, there have also been cases where the door latch was sticking without the user being at fault. So, if you do notice the door latch sticking and are completely sure about the unit being fully stabilized, you will have to apply repair yourself or call in a professional.

Should You Buy It?

Now that we have discussed some of the most common issues that mostly appear on the Cherokee Grey Wolf, the question remains as to whether you should buy the RV or not. As you may have already noticed, most of these issues are just minor inconveniences that can be fixed pretty easily.

Compared to its competitors, the Cherokee Grey Wolf is still a pretty solid option that you can go for. Even if you do end up facing any problem that is mentioned in the list, you should be able to get rid of it without having to worry about it much. So, if you do like the RV, then you should most definitely go for it!

The Bottom Line

The Cherokee Grey Wolf is one of the more popular options that you can choose when it comes to RVs. However, certain problems with the Cherokee Grey Wolf seem to have made some users skeptical about purchasing it.

We have successfully mentioned each and every one of these problems along with how you can resolve them with ease. If you do notice to find any confusion with the article, be sure to leave down a comment below!

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