Toilet Paper Comparison: RV vs Regular vs Septic Safe

Toilet Paper Comparison: RV vs Regular vs Septic Safe
Toilet Paper Comparison: RV vs Regular vs Septic Safe

RV Toilet Paper vs. Regular Toilet Paper vs. Septic-safe Toilet Paper

Toilet paper has become an essential product we need literally in our daily life after using a restroom or cleaning things. Some experts say that it has been around for a long time. There is some evidence that mentions its use in human history as early as the 6th century B.C. People used to clean themselves with lettuce leaves and water. Luckily for us, we don’t have to deal with lettuce leaves anymore and we even have a big variety of toilet paper to choose from. You can find different brands offering different types of thickness, softness, sizes, perfumed or not, so there is a market for every preference or need.

So, it’s no surprise that RVs have their own category when it comes to toilet paper too, just like with other products that they adapt to be more suitable for a life on the road. Many people wonder if it’s really necessary or if it makes a difference to choose a specific type of paper. Today we will go through the characteristics of RV, Regular and Septic Safe toilet paper as well as their similarities and differences.


An important factor to consider is the price difference of toilet papers designed for RV and septic tanks and regular toilet paper. The first ones are more expensive as we should expect since they are considered a special type and are less common. So, you can expect to pay sometimes double the amount or even more depending on the brand to choose. They say that a rule everyone should know is that if the package says it’s safe for septic tank it will also be safe for RV, although the RV ones are even marked a little bit higher just for having that message on the package, so you could save some money and use the septic-safe ones instead.

Dissolving Quickness

The toilet paper made for RVs is manufactured so that it dissolves extremely quickly. But this is not exclusive to them, just like the RV kind, the Septic Safe type has the same speed when it comes to breaking down fast. So, as we mentioned before both are suitable for RVs. Depending on what type of RV you own your sewage will vary, but most of the time it’s just a tank under it, and the residues don’t really go anywhere. That’s why you have to make sure they dissolve quickly so you don’t fill it up and have an unpleasant and dirty experience.

It’s important to note that septic safe toilet paper is better for the environment in general as well, so if you are a common user of super-soft toilet paper for your home, it’s very likely it takes longer to dissolve. And if you own an RV, it is recommended that you make certain tests before fully using a brand just to see if it will work for your tank specifically.


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