The Main Distinctions Between Maxxair 7000k vs 7500k Roof Vent Fans

maxxair 7000k vs 7500k
maxxair 7000k vs 7500k

Having a motorhome or RV with you if you enjoy going out on long trips can be amazing. This is because these vehicles are equipped with features that will ensure you have a good time. These include having lots of space to store all your luggage in. Additionally, the user can rest in their vehicle using all the furniture provided. Although, most of these features depend on what model of motorhome you purchase.

With that being said, another option that you can go for is installing third-party devices in your vehicle that are required. Some of these can be much better than what your dealer was offering you. Talking about this, when it comes to installing vent fans on your vehicle. The two most popular devices that people go with are Maxxair 7000k vs 75000k. Both of these are amazing but this is why people get confused between them. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between these two devices.

Maxxair 7000k vs 7500k: Roof Vent Fan Comparison

Maxxair 7000k Roof Vent Fan

Maxxair is a famous company that is known for manufacturing some of the best vents for RVs and motorhomes. The brand has a huge lineup of devices that you can purchase. Although, most of these are quite similar when you look at them. Considering this, it is best that you first visit the official website for Maxxair before selecting a product. Checking out the different models and going through their specifications will make it much easier to purchase a fan that will work best for you.

Getting back to the models, you should note that these vent fans are installed to provide the vehicle with better ventilation. These fans will ensure that air is easily flowing out from your vehicle and stable air circulation is maintained within the motorhome. Additionally, the size on the 7000k model is 14 x 14 inches which is considered to be standard. This means that you should be able to install the product on any vehicle with a roof opening.

You can also switch between a closed lid and open lid mode on this model. This allows you to change the airflow in your vehicle depending on which one is preferred. The overall installation for this device is quite simple and there is only a single power cable that has to be connected. Aside from this, ensuring that the fan is tightly fixed is also important. This is because having a loose connection to your device can cause it to come off while you are driving. Most people should easily be able to install the fan themselves. However, if you are hesitant then you should contact a specialist to help you out.

Maxxair 7500k Roof Vent Fan

The Maxxair 7500k is another famous lineup from the same company. The first thing that people notice about this model is that it has the same features as the previous lineup. The main reason behind this is that both of these fans are the same. However, the only difference thing about them is their color. The 7000k model comes in a white color whereas the 7500k has an ashy color. Considering this, you should note that a darker color will let more light come into the vehicle.

On the other hand, using a lighter color will ensure that most of the light is reflected out. The fan has a 10-mode power option on it. This means that you can adjust the speed of its blades between 10 different options. The faster your fans are spinning the more electricity they will consume. However, as a result, you are provided with a much better ventilation system. Aside from this, the best thing about this lineup is that you can control it using a remote.

This feature is not available on any other fan from this brand. The only downside is that the remote-control function itself costs almost an extra 100$. If you are comfortable with paying this much for the ability to control your device remotely. Then both of these models are the best options for you. The user can either purchase them online from a different number of retailers. Alternatively, you can visit a store that might have it available. Finally, going through all of this should help you in selecting the model that will suit you better.

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