Travel Transportation: RV vs Campervan

Travel Transportation: RV vs Campervan
Travel Transportation: RV vs Campervan

Recreational Vehicle (RV) vs. Campervan

In order to optimize our trips, we have always wanted to rent a caravan, campervan, roulette or motorhome and we have always had doubts which best suited us or the needs of our trip. In this blog, we try to answer all questions that may arise when selecting a way of transportations to travel according to our necessities, this time we will focus specifically on campervans and differences between all the other existing RVs.

The concept is the same: “Carrying the house on our backs” while we move. Choosing one or the other will depend on our needs and the comforts we want to have.

A campervan is usually a small van that has been modified to add a bed and a small storage space although there are some very elaborate. They don’t usually have a bathroom or shower and sometimes they don’t even have the possibility of cooking outside. They are usually rented by couples who spend a lot of time outdoors and want to take advantage of the time outdoors.

They are perfect vans for people who want to use them as the main vehicle, with which they can go to work for example, and who also want to use it for small weekend getaways.  In addition, due to its small size and height, are the model of camper vans that use less gasoline, with consumption similar to that of any car. Another advantage they have is their mobility and their ability to go unnoticed, which will allow you to get anywhere and spend the night without attracting attention. Although of course there are many sizes you can choose from when it comes to campervans, whether it’s length or height. It all depends on who is more likely traveling with you most of the trips. If it’s just your significant other a small campervan is ideal.

However, the storage capacity and comfort that we will have within this type of vans are quite limited. In general, these vans are designed to sleep. The rest of ‘daily life’ has to be done outdoors, such as cooking.

If you don’t like driving or you are one of those people who need a very comfortable bed to sleep because you are not going to enjoy it and we do not recommend it. It may also be that you are not going to move from a city or prefer to travel by other means of transport such as a train is probably not the best option.

Opposed to the rest of the RVs, where there are several divided spaces where you can sleep, spend time, cook and even a complete bathroom with shower and everything. They are larger and therefore more expensive to buy and rent. It has the advantage that they can accommodate more people and are ideal for family trips with children.


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