7 Common Winnebago Micro Minnie Problems (Troubleshooting)

winnebago micro minnie problems
winnebago micro minnie problems

Winnebago is a famous company from America and is mostly known for manufacturing motorhomes and RVs for their users. One of the best vehicles launched by Winnebago is the Micro Minnie, which has tons of customizable options. This travel trailer has great user ratings, but there are also some issues that you can run into.

Winnebago Micro Minnie Problems

1. Water Not Heating Up

If you have recently purchased the Winnebago Micro Minnie and notice that the water in your vehicle is not heating up, it is usually caused due to the water heater. In the majority of cases, it’s caused by disconnected water heater wires.

To fix the problem, you have to access the water heater by removing a small panel under the bathroom sink. Once you have access to the water heater, check all the wiring and connections to see if these are connected tightly.

When you are done connecting your pipes and wires back to their place, you must check if the main valve for your water line to the heater is turned on. This is because the main valve is disabled by default in most vehicles, and enabling it will fix the water heating issue. However, if you are unable to access the valves and connection, check the manual or contact Winnebago.

2. Electricity Problems

Electricity Problems

Sometimes when trying to plug in an electrical appliance in your vehicle, you might notice that it is not starting up or working properly. This usually happens when there is an electrical problem in your recreational vehicle.

The first thing that you should do is plug the appliance into another outlet. This will confirm if the issue is with the socket or the appliance. If the appliance works in the other outlet, you need to get the previous one replaced.

Secondly, it’s important to check the electric current rating in the outlet. To check the electricity voltage, you must use a multimeter as it shows the accurate voltage in the outlet.

If the current level is low, you need to check the battery and make sure it’s properly charged. In addition to charging, there must be sufficient liquid in the battery as it’s essential to optimize the flow of electric current.

3. Driving Stability

Driving Stability

Driving stability issues is one of the most common complaints lodged by users. It is usually caused by a low pressure in the tires, which is why it’s suggested to air up the tires properly before taking out the trailer for a ride.

Moreover, the trailer’s tires must be replaced once their warranty mileage is completed because worn-out tires also cause instability issues. Last but not least, always get the tires properly aligned by a mechanic before you travel.

4. Broken Water Line & Water Pump Issue

Broken Water Line & Water Pump Issue

In the majority of cases, the problem with the water line and water pump occurs during the winter months . Generally, people use the travel trailers for summer camping trips and store them during the cold months.

However, the leftover water in the water lines and pump tends to freeze in the winter, which results in broken and burst lines. To fix the problem, you have to disconnect the water pump and identify the origin of the leak.

You might have to check the shower faucets and pipes placed behind the panels, so make sure you check all the pipes. Once you find the burst or broken line, that particular part has to be cut out with the help of a slit for adding a new line.

You can use the compression union fitting to join two ends and tighten everything with the help of a wrench. As a result, the water won’t leak, and the lines will be fixed.

As a preventive measure, it is important that the water system is flushed out before the trailer is stored to ensure the water lines remain intact.

5. Broken Toilet

Broken Toilet

As compared to conventional home toilets, the toilets of travel trailers go through a lot. For instance, the toilet bounces up and down during driving, which results in loose connection and inconsistent water flow.

In addition, rubber seals and valves are also damaged in the process. To fix the broken toilet, you need to cut off the water pressure and flush the toilet to empty the bowl.

Then, remove the bolts to lift up the toilet, and look for the damaged parts. Whichever parts are damaged, they need to be replaced, and you must replace the seals as a preventive measure, even if they aren’t damaged.

Once the new parts are installed, pour water into the toilet to ensure the seals hold well. After this, put pressure on the toilet’s water line to ensure there is no leaking in the valves. Moreover, you must install a rubber seal between the floor and the toilet and bolt it back.

To prevent such issues from happening again, it is important that you replace the seals as soon as they dry out or get hard, as it helps prevent the leaks. Secondly, it is important to keep the holding tank sensors cleared – it can be done by dropping an ice block into the toilet as it moves and removes everything that’s lodged in the tank.

Thirdly, the tank treatments must be regularly followed to clean the tank. Lastly, you must use trailer-friendly toilet papers because the regular papers can clog the toilet system while the trailer-friendly papers easily dissolve in the tank.

6. Tire Failure

Tire Failure

Tire failures are obvious with every vehicle, but it is still frustrating to have a flat tire. It’s needless to say that the tires are prone to road debris, which can result in blowouts and punctures.

The only solution to fixing a failed tire is to replace the tire. For this reason, it is suggested by experts to keeping a spare tire in your vehicle at all times.

In addition to replacing the tires, you must check the inflation and make sure the tires have sufficient pressure. The tires must be regularly checked for cracks because these cracks can adversely impact the traction and friction, which can be dangerous. Lastly, make sure that the travel trailer is not overloaded because heavyweight can put a strain on the tires, resulting in bursts.

7. Rubber Roof Damage

Rubber Roof Damage

The travel trailers are designed with different materials as compared to regular homes, which makes them susceptible to various issues. Micro Minnie is designed with a rubber roof to allow mobility.

However, with constant exposure to sunlight and debris, the roof will be damaged. When the roof is damaged, the only solution is to replace the entire roof, which can be extremely expensive.

This is why it is better to follow preventive measures. If the roof has limited damage, you can simply start treating them with the protection seals. In addition, the trailer’s roof must be regularly cleaned with the help of a duster. Last but not least, apply silicone sealer on the roof after every few months to retain the longevity of the roof.

Additional Tips For Maintaining The Micro Minnie Travel Trailer

In the majority of cases, problems occur in travel trailers when they are not maintained properly. For maintaining the trailer, the roof seals must be regularly inspected, and the sealant can be used for patching up the small holes. Also, before you head to the road, you must tighten the lug nuts of the wheels and check the pressure.

It is imperative to keep the battery fully charged because a dead battery can result in functionality issues, particularly with electronic devices. Furthermore, the toilet system must be regularly flushed to avoid clogging and excessive buildup. On a concluding note, keep the slide-out properly cleaned and lubricated to prevent pressure/strain on the motor as it can burn out the motor.

The Bottom Line

Micro Minnie is one of the best travel trailers for people who like camping and traveling. However, like other vehicles, they often run into some problems, but they are easy to fix and prevent. Still, if you cannot follow the troubleshooting guides on your own, hiring a technician will resolve the issue for you.

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