3 Methods To Fix U Haul Trailer Lights Not Working

u haul trailer lights not working
u haul trailer lights not working

Camping enthusiasts usually own large motorhomes or campers that they take with themselves when traveling. This is because these vehicles come with enough space to store all of their luggage. Additionally, you have furniture and rooms that you can rest in as well as cook for yourself. Another great feature is that the user can use electrical appliances on their trips. Although, you should note that these vehicles can be quite expensive.

The only reason why you would purchase them is if you want to travel frequently. Considering this, if you are someone who already owns a large truck then having a cargo trailer will be better for you. The U Haul trailer is a famous option that most people go with. Although, one issue that you can get with it is that the U Haul trailer lights are not working. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of steps that should help in fixing this issue.

U Haul Trailer Lights Not Working

1. Check Connections

The trailer lights on U Haul as well as other motorhomes are installed as a security feature. These are spread all around the vehicle so that any vehicle driving behind you can see a large vehicle is in front of them. These will help people notice your trailer from a distance, both during the night and in foggy seasons. Considering this, if the lights stop working all of a sudden then it can be quite dangerous for you to drive around.

Some states even have laws that will prevent you from driving your vehicle while these lights are switched off. When it comes to fixing these lights, the first thing that you will have to check is the connections for them. These can sometimes come off which will prevent them from switching off. In most cases, there is a single 4-pin or 7-pin connector used for these lights that you will have to plug back in. Make sure that this is tightly connected to fix your issue.

2. Clean Connector

If you are still getting the same problem then there is a chance that your connector might be covered with dust. If you are having this issue then you should clean this off properly. If your connector only had dust clogging it then you should be able to remove it easily. Although, in some cases, the user can also have rust formed on their connectors.

This can be quite annoying to deal with but keep in mind that you can use a strong solution like WD 40 to remove it. Make sure that you only apply a little amount of liquid on the pins of your connector. Once the rust softens up, you should be able to remove it without any issues. If you notice that some of the pins are bent, then simply moving them back to their original position will fix the problem. Finally, try connecting the cable back in tightly to see if your problem is fixed.

3. Broken Connector

In some cases, the connector being used for your U Haul trailer can break. Either pins on it can come off or the cables for it might have gotten damaged. You can confirm what the issue is by carefully examining the connector. Both the cables and connector can be replaced with a new one easily. Although, make sure that you purchase a connector that has the same voltage ratings as before. This is important as using a higher or lower voltage connector can damage the lights on your trailer.

In case you are feeling hesitant in replacing these on your own. You should contact an electrician to help you out instead. They will ask you to pay for labor charges as well as replacement parts. But this is much better than trying to fix these wires on your own when you do not know how they work. Aside from this, you also have the option to take your trailer back to your dealer. They will also look into your issue and get it fixed for you. The great thing about this is that if your vehicle was still under warranty, then your dealer should provide you with free replacement parts.

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