4 Way vs 7 Way Trailer Connector: Which Is The Right One For You?

4 way vs 7 way trailer connector
4 way vs 7 way trailer connector

Most camping enthusiasts want to stay on their trips for a long time. This can sometimes last from a few weeks to even months at times. Considering this, you will notice that some of these will even stay out for trips more than they are at their own homes. This is why these users purchase large vehicles like RVs to help them out. The main idea behind having a vehicle like this is so that you can live outside your home.

People who already own large trucks prefer getting a trailer. These can be towed down to the truck and then be carried around with the user. The only requirement is having a powerful enough engine to carry all this load. Talking about this, one common question that people ask is about the 4 way vs 7 way trailer connector. We will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between these two connectors.

4 Way vs 7 Way Trailer Connector: Which One Is Right For You?

4 Way Trailer Connector

Trailers are large vehicles that you tow down to a truck or car using a tow bar and a hitch system. There are numerous things that you have to look out for. Although, once you are done with all of that, the user can start taking their trailer with them. Talking about this, one important thing that you should understand is the lights installed on your trailer. This includes signal lights as well as running lights. The main purpose for these is to notify people driving behind your vehicle about your trailer.

This includes telling when you are pressing the brakes, when you want to turn and how large your trailer is. Drivers understanding all of this will be alerted and drive accordingly. Considering this, having all of these lights installed on your trailer is essential. Some states will even stop your trailer if they notice that these lights are not working. Now that you understand all of this.

The 4-way trailer connector on your vehicle is the adapter that you have to install the wirings for your lights in. As long as the wires are connected tightly to the connector, you should be able to drive around without any issues. Almost every trailer already comes with these lights and a connector on them. However, if you notice that the lights are not working on your vehicle. Then the most common reason for this can be that your wire has come off from the connector.

7 Way Trailer Connector

Now that you understand what the 4-way trailer connector is, you might question what the 7 way is for. Talking about this, the 7-way connector does the same things as what the 4 way does. However, this also has some other features on it as well. This includes having a 12-volt circuit as well as a circuit that can control electric trailer brakes. Aside from this, you can also connect an auxiliary power circuit or reverse lights.

With that being said, your vehicle will either come with one of these two connectors installed on it. Alternatively, there are also some adapters that you can use to convert the connections. With that being said, you should note that you can also change the connector on your vehicle whenever you want to. The process is quite simple and you can easily purchase these from any electrical store. The only thing that you will have to look out for is your device is supported.

With that being said, the user should easily be able to decide what connector is required for their vehicle. If you want to use electrical braking systems on your trailer then you must have a 7-pin connector. Usually, these devices are essential to prevent problems with your vehicle. This is exactly why most newer trailers come with this connector already installed on them.

You can also contact your dealer and tell them if you require another connector. They should be able to install this for you. Although, these will usually cost you a little. Alternatively, you also have the option to take your vehicle to a workshop. You can tell them what you want to connect to your trailer. The team will then ensure that a connector that can support all of these features is installed.

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