3 Common Suburban SW6D Water Heater Problems Troubleshooting

suburban sw6d water heater troubleshooting
suburban sw6d water heater troubleshooting

People all around the world go out on trips during their vacations. But some enthusiasts go out much more often and stay for long durations. They also enjoy visiting areas with extreme weather conditions. Although, when it comes to these, they should be completely prepared for their trips. If you own a motorhome or RV then most of your issues should already be dealt with.

One appliance that can be almost necessary for you if you want to visit cold areas is a water heater. This will help you get access to hot water as long as you are on your trip. The Suburban SW6D is an amazing water heater that can be found on many vehicles but it has some issues as well.

This is why we will be using this article to list some common problems that can be found on a Suburban SW6D water heater along with its troubleshooting steps.

Common Troubleshooting Steps For The Suburban SW6D Water Heater

  1. Water Heater Not Powering Up

The most common issue that you can get on your device is that it does not power up properly or it will not work even if it is switched on. These errors are usually caused by a problem with your electrical wirings. Keep in mind that you can check these on your own but it can be quite dangerous. This is why hesitant people should contact an electrician instead.

They might charge you some money but they will properly check the entire unit for you. Additionally, if there are any issues, they will both notify you and fix them for you. Getting back to checking the device on your own. Start by checking if all the wires are tightly plugged in.

You can then test your outlets to see if they are giving out a stable voltage. If you notice any fluctuations on your socket then check the others in your vehicle as well. If only one of them is giving you trouble then replacing it with a new one will fix the issue.

On the other hand, if all the sockets have fluctuations then your batteries might be at fault. You can check the water levels in them and confirm that nothing is clogging the terminals. Layers of oxide formed on these terminals have to be removed using warm water.

  1. Water Leaks

Sometimes when using your water heater, the user might notice that water starts to leak from their device. This can be quite annoying to deal with and all this water can damage your vehicle. Usually, the frame, walls, and floor of motorhomes are made out of wood or planks. If water comes in contact with them then all of this interior will be destroyed.

You will then have to get it completely replaced which can cost you a lot. This is why it is better that you take care of any leaks the second you notice them. Water leaks on a water heater like the Suburban SW6D can be from loose connections. You can try tightening the pipes to see if that fixes your issue.

If it does not then you will have to put on fittings that will stop the leak. These can be installed without any glue or soldering, this is why you should keep a few of these stored in your vehicle. The fittings will then come in handy whenever you get any water leakage in your vehicle.

  1. Propane Gas Left but Water Heater Not Working

One other issue that you can get on your water heater from Suburban is that the device might stop heating water. This will happen even when you have propane gas left in your tank. Although, keep in mind that the Suburban SW6D requires you to have a recommended level of gas left to function correctly.

If the liquid falls under that, then the device can stop working suddenly. Considering this, try changing the tank to see if your problem is fixed. If not then you might have put a lot of pressure on your heater. Try switching off a few taps and it should help in getting warm water again.

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