Is RV Anode Rod Aluminum Or Magnesium?

rv anode rod aluminum or magnesium
rv anode rod aluminum or magnesium

People all around the world enjoy going out on trips with their family and friends. This lets them enjoy the wildlife during their vacations while also making memories. Although, some enthusiasts go out for dangerous trips and want to stay for long durations. When it comes to this, you must have enough supplies so that you can survive outdoors for weeks.

This is why they decide to purchase RVs and motorhomes. These vehicles have tons of features that make them almost a drivable house. You are also provided with tons of space to store all of your luggage. If you notice that any equipment is missing from your vehicle then you can even get a third-party appliance installed. Though, make sure that you check for compatibility in advance to avoid any major problems.

Water Heaters and Anode Rod

When it comes to one of the most useful features in an RV, these can be the water heaters in them. These are almost essential to enjoy your trip in a cold climate. You can heat the water whenever you want to take a shower, cook something or even drink it.

The process to use these devices is quite simple but there are some things to keep in mind. The water heater anode rod is a steel core wire that is covered by different types of materials. These will keep the device protected from corrosion or it exploding. However, you have to get these replaced frequently to avoid issues.

RV Anode Rod Aluminum or Magnesium

The Anode Rod in an RV heater is usually covered with aluminum, magnesium, or zinc. All three of these materials should allow your heater to work sufficiently. However, there are certain reasons why these materials are used. Considering this, if you are confused about which material to use when replacing the anode rod. You should keep these few points in mind.

  • Aluminum anodes work best for vehicles that have water with a high PH value or it is hard.
  • Magnesium anodes are made for vehicles that have soft water in them.
  • Zinc anodes are designed for vehicles that have a water supply with a smell in them.

Considering this, you can check the PH value from your water supply using a meter. These should easily be available to purchase online or from stores nearby you. Usually, people will not notice any major differences between the materials used as these rods last you a long time. Whatever the case might be, it is still better that you get your water heater checked once every 3 to 5 years.

This will ensure that there are no issues with it and you can continue using it. People who know that the water supply in their vehicles has a high PH value should prioritize getting aluminum rods. This is because these rods will be less susceptible to damage and will last them a much longer time. If you are still confused then you can also ask a water heater specialist to help you in making the decision.

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