3 Common Suburban Furnace NT 30SP Problems (Troubleshooting)

suburban furnace nt 30sp troubleshooting
suburban furnace nt 30sp troubleshooting

If you own a motorhome or recreational vehicle then you should already know that these vehicles come with a lot of equipment in them. These are installed so that you can stay in comfort while you are out on your trips.

One of the best things that you can get is a furnace. These will allow you to manually enter a temperature in their display.

The device will then keep the temperature in your vehicle the same as the one you entered. This especially helps when you are going to a location with a cold temperature. The furnace will keep your vehicle warm at all times so that you can stay relaxed.

While one of the best ones that you can get is from Suburban. There are still some issues that you can get on these devices. We will be using this article to help you with troubleshooting the Suburban Furnace NT 30SP.

Suburban Furnace NT 30SP (Troubleshooting)

  1. Change Temperature

The most common reason why people get problems with their furnaces is that they forget to adjust the temperature on them. You should note there are mainly two types of adjusting systems that you can get on your furnace.

These are either the manual dials one or the digital ones. Both of these require you to input a temperature which will then help the devices to function.

Considering this, if the temperature that you have set on your furnace is lower than the temperature in your room is. Then your device will stop functioning.

The only method to fix this problem is by changing the temperature to a certain value that is higher than your current one. Your furnace will then start to heat its surroundings.

Talking about this, you should note that sometimes if there are too many items near your furnace. Then these can also block the heat from coming out. You will then be required to remove all the additional items near your furnace.

Usually, the things that cause the most problems are which can absorb a lot of heat. Mainly removing clothes, rugs and carpets should help in preventing this issue.

  1. Problem with Wiring

Another reason why you can get this issue is that there can be a problem with the wiring of your device. Alternatively, the connections might have come loose or have been disconnected.

All of these can stop the furnace from functioning. One thing to keep in mind before trying to troubleshoot these electrical wires is that they are dangerous.

If you are someone who has no prior information about these kinds of stuff then you should contact a professional. They should be able to completely check your device and even fix anything wrong with it.

However, if you want to try checking your furnace on your own. Then start by taking a voltmeter and check the current coming from your connection. Take a reading of values from all over the connection to see which one is causing the issue.

In some cases, the problem can even be from your outlet so keep that in mind as well. IF you notice that any connection has become loose or disconnected then you can firmly connect it back in.

Although, if the outlet is damaged then you will either have to get it replaced or use an alternative one. Some outlets use a small fuse that fries out if there are any fluctuations in current. You can easily replace it with a new one to fix your problem.

  1. Check Parts Manually

If you are still getting a problem with your device then some part of it might have become damaged. Though, Suburban provides their users with a complete manual that helps in checking the condition of their furnace.

You can consult it to check all of the parts in your device separately and see if any of them has become damaged. If it has then you can contact the company directly.

They should be able to provide you with a replacement part. The manual should also guide you throughout the process of installing it on your furnace. If you are still having issues then you can even check online guides to help you in installing these parts.

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