3 Common Suburban SW12DEL Issue Troubleshooting

suburban sw12del troubleshooting
suburban sw12del troubleshooting

Having an RV or motorhome with yourself will help you out a lot on your trips. Although, there are some things that you should keep in mind. The electrical appliances installed on your vehicle have to be bought separately

. Dealers who provide you with these will mostly give you the option to select what appliances are required by you. Considering this, one of the most important things that you can get is a good water heater.

One of the best companies that you can choose for these is Suburban. The SW12DEL model from them is considered to be amazing and is installed in most vehicles by default. But there are also some issues that you can run into with this device.

This is why we will be using this article to provide you with common problems that can be found on a Suburban SW12DEL along with some troubleshooting steps.

Suburban SW12DEL Troubleshooting

1. Water Not Heating Up

The SW12DEL model from Suburban is considered to be one of the best water heaters that you can get. Most dealers and manufacturers even have these installed on their lineups when you purchase them. Talking about this, one common issue that you can get on your device is that the water might not be heating up.

This can be quite annoying to deal with however, keep in mind that there are many reasons why you can get this issue. This is why it is important that you carefully observe the device to see what exactly is causing the problem.

This will help you in getting rid of it as soon as possible. This specific model has a maximum rating of water it can handle when heating it. Considering this, you might be using a lot of taps in your vehicle at the same time.

All this water going through the heater at once can prevent it from heating it properly. If that is the case, then you can simply try switching off some taps. This will reduce the load from your water heater, allowing it to start heating water again. Keep in mind that you might have to wait for a few minutes before hot water starts pouring again.

2. Water Heater Not Starting

Sometimes you might notice that the SW12DEL water heater from Suburban is not starting at all. The most common reason for this can be that the wirings on your device might be loose. These can come off with time or even get damaged. Considering this, the equipment will be unable to receive the power required and should stop working.

You can observe the wires to see if there are any damages to them. Additionally, try tightening the power cable and other wires on the control panel to see if that fixes the issue.

Any broken cables will have to be replaced with new ones before the device can start working again. However, checking these on your own can be dangerous if you do not know how the cables work. This is why you should get a specialist to check these for you. They will also replace the wires for you if required.

3. Water Heater Is Faulty

Finally, if you are still getting problems with your heater then it is recommended that you consult the manual. This contains step-by-step instructions that can be followed to test all the different parts of your heater. If you are still unable to pin down what exactly is causing the issue. Then contact the support team for Suburban.

They will then help you in finding the problem and provide you with a viable solution. Keep in mind that the model you are using has now gotten quite old. Considering this, if the heating kit on your device is damaged, then you might be unable to get a replacement for it.

One better option that you can go to instead of getting the equipment fixed is purchasing a new water heater. This will also have a much higher pressure rating and should allow you to use several taps at once.

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