3 Common RV Slide Out Switch Problems (Troubleshooting)

rv slide out switch problems
rv slide out switch problems

Recreational vehicles or motorhomes are one of the best creations for people who love camping. These vehicles allow you to feel like you are traveling in your house. This is because you are provided with a kitchen, bathroom, and even bedroom. The storage in these vehicles takes out the worry of having to store limited equipment.

You can easily take all the stuff you want along with your family and friends. Another great thing about these vehicles is slide-outs. These are the small rooms in your vehicle that can be pushed out when needed.

They expand the overall interior of your RV making it more spacious. Though, you should note that there are still some problems that you can get with these. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that can be found on an RV slide-out.

RV Slide Out Switch Problems

  1. Slide Out Switch Not Working

The most common issue that people run into is that the switch on their slide-out stops functioning. This is essential because it Is used to extend or retract the slide-out from your vehicle. If the button stops functioning while the slide-out was extended then it can be quite dangerous to drive around. This is exactly why you must look into the problem as soon as possible.

Usually, you should try to check all the other slide-out switches in your vehicle, if there are multiple of them. If you only have one then you can test your control panel for the switch. If you notice that the buttons on it are working fine then the wires for your slide-out switch might be damaged.

You can check for any loose cables and tighten them back in to fix the problem. Alternatively, you will have to get them replaced completely. Make sure that you cover all of your wires with tape after installing new ones. This prevents the cables from sparking in case of any fluctuations in current.

  1. Electrical Motor Has Failed

Another common problem that people run into is that the electrical motor for your slide-out fails to function. These are usually responsible for the entire extending and retracting of your slide-outs. The first thing that you should check when there is an error with your motor is its wires. Make sure that none of them have become damaged. You can notice this if there are any breaks in between the cable or if it is bent.

Aside from this, sometimes the cables can get completely disconnected. Attach them back in and see if that fixed your problem. If not then you should remove the main power cable for your electrical motor. Now use a multimeter to take readings of the current flowing through the wires. This should usually be about 120 volts.

If you notice that the values are lower than this then there is a problem from the backend. It usually depends on what you are using for the main power for your vehicle. It can be your batteries, generator, or an external outlet. Check these to ensure your problem is fixed. Sometimes the motors can completely die out for people. In this case, you will have to purchase a new one instead of trying to get it repaired.

  1. Slide Out Gets Jammed Or Stuck

Slides use a complex mechanism in them which requires them to be smooth. The movement in them can get stuck without this and cause people with issues. Considering this, you must keep the internal system of your slide-out lubricated at all times. If you have not been doing this then that might be the reason why your device is now jammed.

You can switch off your vehicle and try to either completely extend it or retract it. Once done, cover the gears with lubrication and ensure that you use the optimal amount. You can check the guides given online to help you out with this in case you are having trouble. Finally, once this has been done, move around the slide-outs a little so that the gears can get completely lubricated. This should then allow them to move freely fixing your problem along with it.

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