How to Keep Cougars Away from Campsite – Safety Guide

how to keep cougars away from campsite
how to keep cougars away from campsite

People all around the world decide to go out on trips during their vacations. This lets them have a fun time while also exploring new areas. Although, you should keep in mind that going out on trips requires a lot of research. You have to first find an area that you will be visiting. Checking the temperature of that area will help you pack the required clothes. Additionally, depending on how many people will be traveling with you and how long you want to stay.

The user might even have to purchase a tent that they can rest in. After making a list of all the equipment required, you will then have to gather all of these. Numerous companies are dedicated to providing campers with the best equipment. Going through their websites will allow you to find products with various features. Make sure that you carefully select stuff that will be required on your trip.


One of the most common problems campers report about is getting cougars on their trips. These are large animals from the feline family that can be found all over America. Considering that you will be camping in a jungle or wildlife area, running into these animals can be quite common.

Although, you should note that these cougars will not be everywhere you travel. A little research on the area you want to visit will help you in determining if it has these animals or not. Considering this, if you are traveling someplace where there is a chance of running into a cougar. You must understand how dangerous it can be and how the user can keep themselves protected from them.

Dangers of Cougars

You will hear most people talking about how dangerous cougars can be. Rumors about how aggressive these animals can be and cases of them attacking people are quite common. Although, you should note that cougars are of the least aggressive and most elusive animals out of the entire feline family. They will also run away as soon as they any human walking around them.

This is because cougars do not see people as prey but instead, they are afraid of getting hunted down. Keeping all of this in mind, cougars see humans more often than they see them. Though, with that being said, you should keep in mind that there are still some dangers that these animals have. Camping in wildlife will be dangerous if you are not prepared beforehand.

This is why you must understand what the risks are and how they can be avoided. Being prepared will help you in avoiding most issues and getting away from these situations without a scratch.

How to Keep Cougars Away from Campsite

Cougars as well as most other dangerous animals from wildlife will only come near people if they are traveling alone. Considering this, keeping your friends or family with you should help you in avoiding any contact with these animals. The main reason behind this is that cougars will avoid approaching a large group. Aside from this, one of the best security gadgets that you can keep with you is a bear spray.

These are widely available so you should not have much trouble purchasing them. Although, make sure that you understand how to use them. Additionally, these sprays will expire over time so check the expiry before taking the product with you. These animals mostly only prey on smaller animals, this is why there is a chance of cougars attacking small children.

Considering this, if there are any young people in your group, make sure that you get them prepared. You shouldn’t scream or show fear to these animals. Moreover, staying in groups with adults will help you in staying protected. Finally, keep your mobile phones completely charged at all times.

This will allow you to contact others in case you fall behind or run into any issues. The entire group you are traveling with should understand how to respond if they see a cougar. This should help them in avoiding most dangers easily. Finally, if you are taking a pet with you then make sure that you keep it with you on a leash. Small dogs and cats have a high chance of getting attacked by cougars if left alone.

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