3 Ways To Fix RV Bathroom Fan Not Working

rv bathroom fan not working
rv bathroom fan not working

Recreational vehicles and motorhomes are both quite similar. Both of these are designed to be taken on camping trips that are longer than just a few days.

The features of these vehicles ensure that you feel like you are traveling in your own home. You can even store tons of storage without having to worry about the space.

The only downside is that you will have not as much electrical power in your vehicle as you would have in your own home. Whatever the case might be, RVs are easy to use and can carry a lot of loads.

Although, there are also some problems that you can get with them. Some people have complained that the bathroom fan in their RV is not working. If you are having an issue with your vehicle then here are a few steps that you can try to fix your problem.

How to Fix RV Bathroom Fan Not Working?

  1. Clean the Fan

The fan in your RV not working can be quite annoying as this is used for exhaust. Although, several things can affect this. This is why you will have to check all of these to confirm what is causing the problem.

The easiest thing that you can try is to clean your fans. These can gather dust in them and sometimes birds can make nests in the exhaust.

Although, this will only happen if the fan is exposed from the other side. Whatever the case might be, take off the plastic cover from your fans and start removing anything that is stuck in its blades.

Make sure that the vehicle is switched off and all the buttons are off to avoid getting shocked. After the fan has been cleaned, try running it before placing the cover back.

  1. Check Connections

If the fan is still not working then the problem can be from your connections. You have to keep the plastic cover removed throughout the troubleshooting steps so store it in a safe place. Testing the wires is only recommended for someone who knows how these works.

If you are not sure then contact a specialist to help you out. You can check the current coming from the wires using a voltmeter. If any of these are dead then check for cuts and replace the wires. Any wires that had come off should be connected back tightly to fix the problem.

  1. Defective Fan Motor

If the wires were all fine then you can also check the fan motor using your voltmeter. If you notice that there is no current flowing through it then the motor has become defective. You can replace this with a new one to fix this issue and most stores have these motors available.

Just make sure that you check the current ratings and size of the device before purchasing it. This is because you have to ensure that your new motor fits in with your current bathroom fan. You can also completely replace your current fan with a new one. It should come with a motor attached to it.

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