3 Common Roadtrek Problems (Troubleshooting)

roadtrek problems
roadtrek problems

Roadtrek is designed as a smaller size RV that has enough space for two people to travel comfortably. Bringing more than two people is manageable but that would compromise the comfort if you’re going on a long trip.

Roadtrek vehicles are far more budget-friendly and you won’t have to pay nearly as much when compared with a full-size RV.

It is better if you can get your hands on a newer model, as the reliability factor decreases over time. Many issues can affect your Roadtrek over the years.

If you’re planning on buying a Roadtrek then here are some Roadtrek problems that you might face. We will also cover basic troubleshooting methods to help you fix these problems.

Roadtrek Problems

  1. Battery Issues

Having a reliable battery is necessary if you want to avoid issues while you’re away on a camping trip. But unfortunately, several users complained about the battery performance of their vehicle. If you’re having battery issues with your Roadtrek as well then these are some steps that might help you.

You need to start by checking the water level in your batteries. It is always best to check the water in the battery before you go out on a trip. Sometimes your engine can cause your batteries to behave like this as well.

If the batteries are not able to get enough power from the engine, then they will not function properly. Certain voltage output should be maintained if you want to charge your lithium batteries.

But it can also be the case that the battery has lived its useful life, and there is nothing that you can do besides getting yourself a battery replacement.

Buying new batteries will leave a dent in your budget but at least you’ll avoid battery issues for several years to come. So, make sure to buy from a reliable brand and do your research before spending your money on a new battery.

  1. Temperature Control

Another very important aspect that people look towards is how well the air conditioner can perform. If the AC is not reliable then there is no way you’ll enjoy your camping trip.

Many users recommended other people to avoid leaving their pets in the vehicle as the AC can give out at any moment. The back batteries won’t last for a long time and you should just take your pets with you if you’re planning on leaving for a long time.

If you have bought an old Roadtrek then it is likely that your AC has not been cleaned in a long time. The filter might all be clogged up with dirt and you won’t be able to get any decent cooling in your vehicle. So, to fix the AC you need to start by taking off the frame a bit and then cleaning the filters.

If you have never done that before then it would be best to get an experienced individual to help you out. Otherwise, you might damage the whole system.

For some reason, if the AC is still not working then you can always go to a repair shop and have a mechanic take a look at your vehicle. He will check all the wiring and will point you towards the actual issue.

  1. Stability Issues

Sometimes while driving around your vehicle, the user might notice that their vehicle has started to sway. Alternatively, users might also have trouble trying to steer their Roadtrek. While people usually ignore small errors like these on their vehicles.

You should note that this can be dangerous. Usually, the most common reason for this issue is the tires. If the air pressure in them has dropped below the required limit or if the PSI rating exceeds the requirement.

Then both of these will give you this error. This is why it is better that you take your vehicle to a workshop and get your tires checked. If you notice that the air keeps leaking out then your tires might have gotten quite old.

These will eventually require you to get a replacement. So, it is better that you purchase new ones. Keep in mind that the brand you choose should be of good quality. This ensures that the user does not get similar problems anytime soon.

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