Quick Roof Extreme vs Eternabond: What’s The Difference?

quick roof extreme vs eternabond
quick roof extreme vs eternabond

Having a recreational vehicle or motorhome to take with yourself on your trip can be fun. These allow you to get access to a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

You can cook easily and also have a place to sleep. Aside from this, there are numerous other features that the user is provided with. You can even get some add-ons directly from the company.

Brands have come up with numerous options to select from. These also include floorplans that change the entire layout of the rooms for your vehicle. Aside from this, the maintenance for these vehicles is also essential. Though, you need to change the sealant for them with time.

Two of the best products that you can go for are Quick Roof Extreme and Eternabond. We will be using this article to give the users some information about these products so that they can be easier for you to select.

Quick Roof Extreme vs Eternabond

Quick Roof Extreme

The roofs and windows for your motorhomes and RVs are covered with a layer of sealant. These are used to keep them sealed off. You will notice that the product starts to come off with time. After which the water and dirt from your surroundings will start to enter the vehicle. This can damage the interior of your motorhome and you will have to replace it completely.

The only way to fix this is by replacing the entire sealant with a new one. There are mostly two types of products that can be used. These include tapes and liquid solutions. The Quick Roof Extreme is a tape that you can apply to the vehicle after replacing the previous one. The only requirement is to scrape off the old sealant completely and then you can begin with installing the new one.

Align the roof properly and place the tape on it. You can then wait for it to dry down and your problem should now be fixed. The best thing about this equipment is that you can apply it to most materials. These include PVC, wood, and even fiberglass. This takes out the worry of having to check for compatibility before you can apply the product.

The adhesive on it only requires you to peel it off which will then dry in a short time. This makes the lining-up process easier for other users. The company also guarantees that the product will not shrink or start to crack. It should last you a long time without having to replace it from time to time.

Lastly, there are several sizes that you can go for. You can easily choose between them depending on the coverage required by your vehicle. You can even purchase several tape rolls and keep them stored for later use.


Eternabond is another company that you can select. It is quite similar to quick roof extreme and both the products use taping methods for the sealant. Though, there are still some differences between them that you can notice.

One of the main ones is that Eternabond offers several types of tapes that you can purchase. Some of these are double-sided tape which is easy to apply to your vehicle.

You can also get the RoofSeal which is specifically designed to be applied on the roof of your motorhomes. Finally, the last option is to get the complete kit. This comes with several tapes, a cutter, and even a bottle of spray.

You can cut off the leftover product with the cutter to make your job look cleaner. The spray bottle is used to cover the tape once it has dried up. This completely seals it off and ensures that no water will enter your vehicle.

The kit is also enough to cover your entire RV and takes out the hassle of manually checking for support. You can purchase the products from Eternabond by giving their official website a look. This also contains all the information required about them which will make it easier for you to select them.

Finally, the customer service by them is also amazing and should be able to answer any queries that the user has. You can even ask them to guide you through the application process if required.

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