Predator Generator Break-In (Explained)

predator generator break in
predator generator break in

Road trips and camping with family and friends can be a lot of fun for most people. A lot of outdoorsy people invest in RVs for this very reason. They wish to travel from place to place by road.

Though, you should note that even if you own a recreational vehicle, there are still some things that you will not have access to while you are on your trip. One of the most major things is electricity.

Generators are required for multiple reasons in an RV. People like to connect their electrical appliances and use them while traveling or you could be camping in some remote area where you need to use electricity to charge your phone. When people travel in RVs it is usually a long travel duration, in which you will most probably end up needing some or the other appliance.

Electricity is fed to the appliances and equipment via a circuit breaker. These generators are even used to supply power to the converter that is needed to charge the house batteries for your RV. The power in these generators can range between 2,500W and 12,500W.

Predator is among the leading companies for these devices and you can check out their products if you are interested.

Predator Generator Break-In

If you have recently purchased a Predator generator then you should note that there are some things that you need to be aware of. Starting to use your generator right after purchasing it can decrease its overall lifespan due to multiple reasons.

It is recommended that you properly break in the generator before starting to use it. This process is a complete cycle that you need to go through that will get the device running properly.

Before getting into any minute details, you should note that this consists of letting the device run while you keep changing the fuel after some time. Once the fuel properly circulates through the entire device and lubricates it, you can then start to use the device.

How to Break in Your Predator Generator?

After reading up on what breaking in your generator means, you may now proceed to get a grasp on how to carry out this procedure by yourself. Once you have purchased the generator, place it in a safe place.

The next thing to do is to fill up the oil and gas tank of your generator . In this step, it is important to check in with the instruction manuals that came with your machine. You need to find out what quantity and quality of oil and gas are needed for your generator. After this, you may go and purchase whatever is required.

You should purchase the highest quality ones to ensure that your generator has a long lifespan. People can even purchase oil conditioners and seafoam which can be used to lubricate the device. These can help with the smooth operation of your generator.

You may also use these materials to clean your generator if and when required. For now, you may begin by lubricating the cylinder of your generator by pouring in the oil conditioner. Let it sit for a few minutes before you start the generator.

First Hour

While you are waiting for the oil conditioner to do its job, you can also start pouring in the fuel. After this step, you can now start your generator. For the first hour, you have to make sure that there is no load connected to it.

After the first cycle is complete, then you can drain out the used oil and put in some fresh one. You will have to repeat this same process for the next hour as well. You will have to run the generator for an hour with no load attached and at the end of the cycle drain the used oil.

Second Hour

However, the second time around when you will drain the oil, you will notice that it is much cleaner because all the metal debris and the small broken parts will drain out with the oil after it lubricates the parts of the engine that need it the most. Finally, add in a new batch of oil for the third hour as well. But it is recommended that you put up to 500W of load on your generator.

Keep it running for the final hour and your generator should now be broken in. You can now start to use the device as you want and there should be no problems with it. Keep in mind that you have to fill in the oil completely every single time.

Why Is It Important To Break In The Generator?

This process only takes place once right after you purchase the generator. It is a one-time step that is extremely important for the generator to operate smoothly. There is absolutely no need to repeat this step more than once if it was successful the very first time. Once the break-in is complete, you may proceed to use the generator

If you do not lubricate the moving parts of the generator’s engine and also fail to dislodge any debris from the engine then the overall lifespan of the machine will become much shorter. The generator will start causing problems much earlier on and you will have to deal with hefty repair costs way earlier on. It is much better to do the needful rather than regret the shortcuts later on.

Another reason why this is essential is that there are tiny metal parts in these generators. If you start them without breaking in then the parts will come off. These will then mix in with the fuel and can damage your generator.

Any form of mixing in the fuel that hurts its purity will cause issues to the performance of the engine. The remaining debris and these broken tiny parts can ruin the performance of the engine from the beginning of its life if the generator has not been through the entire break in process.

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  1. Hi there,
    I did buy a Predator 9000 W recently and wanted to brake it in nice & easy so I did
    fill in engine oil and gasoline.
    Being surprised that it was set to run the cold 420 cc engine at ~3.600 right away I
    did turn it down to a bit below 1.100 rpm and let it idle two times until it did reach
    100 minutes.
    When getting ready to test it the next morning I was surprised that it has stopped to put out any electricity at all.
    I was not able to find the reason for the matter and would appreciate some advise
    about what to do.
    What is behind the outlets on the front cover (yes, I did push in the fuses), does the generator have anything in there that could stop it from producing out electricity?
    I would appreciate some helpful advise and remain with best regards,



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