Tiffin Phaeton vs Allegro Bus – Comparison Guide

phaeton vs allegro bus
phaeton vs allegro bus

Every camping enthusiast knows how important it is to carry lots of equipment with you, especially if you’re going to stay outdoors for a long time during the summer or winter break. Carrying this equipment in your car alone is really difficult.

That’s why most people who go on camping trips frequently invest in larger vehicles like RVs and motorhomes. Not only do RVs have enough space to store all the luggage for a family or group of friends, but it comes with a toilet, bedroom, and kitchen for daily use during your adventure outdoors. Larger RVs also have living space and additional slide-out rooms.

If you hit the road a lot with your family, purchasing a class A motorhome is a terrific idea. These are the size of commercial buses and have numerous features. And even though they look like regular buses on the outside, the inside of most class A RVs replicates a home.

With all that being said, RVs are a big investment and new motorhomes can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s why it’s important to invest in a vehicle from a popular company like Tiffin.

Tiffin is a famous company that is known for manufacturing some of the best motorhomes for its users. The brand offers a huge lineup of vehicles that you can select from. This includes models falling under all three classes of vehicles.

Considering this, the sizes, as well as the features provided on these motorhomes, vary from model to model. This is why you are interested in purchasing an RV from this brand, then you should try visiting their website once.

Out of all coach options Tiffin sells, two of these are considered the best among class A- the Tiffin Phaeton and Tiffin Allegro.

Tiffin: Phaeton vs Allegro Bus

Tiffin Phaeton

The Tiffin Phaeton is a luxurious motorhome that comes with 8 floor plans . These switch up the interior inside your RV while the exterior remains the same. The price for your coach varies depending on your desired floor plan.

For people who are new to camping or haven’t driven a diesel-run motorcoach, the Tiffin Phaeton is a surprisingly easy-to-drive automobile with comfortable driver seats. The vehicle has excellent maneuverability despite its large size, and the mirrors and screens all give perfect visibility. You can effortlessly change lanes and hit the brakes smoothly.

Because it’s a high-end motorhome, equal weight distribution is kept in mind to optimize road handling- for example, the fuel tank is placed closer to the center of gravity so the steering has better control over the automobile. You can even tow up to 10,000 pounds with this vehicle.

The new Tiffin Phaeton models run on PowerGlide chassis (the base frame of the vehicle), which is warranted against defect and structural damage for 50,000 miles or 3 years in time. The Phaeton also has a Cummins ISV5.0 V8 engine, which carries a five-year/100,000-mile warranty. And the transmission isn’t going to have problems any time soon either, as it lasts for an impressive 200,000 miles.

As for the interior, it’s open, spacious, and elegant. The motorhome can easily entertain up to eight people in style. The floorplans have slide-outs called SmartSlides, which are watertight, airtight, and pretty much undetectable when closed. These are built of single fiberglass.

In addition to this, the motorcoach has a front entrance that leads to the living area, and the driver and passenger seats can turn to face the guests staying here if the RV is parked. The motorcoach has cool LED lighting for ambiance. LEDs help conserve energy, even if you install solar panels. For extra comfort, there’s a climate control technology that functions quietly with a ducted HVAC system.

A relatively large washroom is present at the rear end of the RV. This has a washing machine compartment, a pedestal toilet, a shower, and a large wardrobe for your clothes. The master bedroom has a king-sized bed. The kitchen has all the necessities like a two-door refrigerator and microwave, and even a dishwasher is added this time around.

The decor is neutral-colored and tasteful, so you have total freedom to add as many or as few flamboyant colors and textures as you want. The interior also has hand-crafted cabinetry made of fine wood. When buying a Phaeton, you can pick from three decor packages- Midnight, Vintage, and Tranquil, and all of them have distinct styles.

Overall, the Tiffin Phaeton is an amazing, high-end, luxurious motorhome that provides tons of amenities to its users, making you feel right at home wherever you go.

Most of the information about this model is provided on the website. If you still have any other questions then you can contact the support team for Tiffin. They will help in answering all of your queries. Additionally, the team will also provide you assistance in selecting a model.

Tiffin Allegro Bus

The Allegro is another famous lineup from the same brand Tiffin. The motorhome also falls under the Class A category. However, you will notice that there are several different variations for it. The model labeled Allegro Bus is the closest to Phaeton in terms of exterior, build, and interior design.

The Allegro bus has an exceptional high-end design with luxurious amenities. As soon as you step on the marble tile staircase, you know the impressive coach is built to last while being cozy and entertaining.

Access for the coach as well as the basement and other door locks are regulated by a touchless keypad. There’s also an emergency exit at the back which can be accessed from the master bedroom. It’s a great safety investment.

The main bedroom has a power king bed and a streaming TV. There’s a ton of storage space, both above the bed and across from it. Shelves and drawers are available for organizing your stuff. The bedroom suite is separated from other areas by a sliding door that protects your privacy.

You get to pick your layout for the bedroom and other rooms similar to the Phaeton and have four design options- Artist Deco, Chanel, Latte, and Tempest. These are relatively neutral as well. There are 6 floor plans to pick from– you can tour them on Tiffin’s official website. The whole RV has LED lighting, from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Like the Phaeton, there’s a spacious master bathroom at the back with a closet or dressing area. The closet has several cabinets for storage as well. There’s a walk-in shower with hot water coming from a 100-gallon freshwater tank. A 100-gallon gray water tank is also present. And as an added luxury, you get to pick from different modes of showering, such as rainfall immersion.

As for the kitchen, you’ll find a two-door fridge/freezer complete with an ice and cold water dispenser. There’s a Wolf induction cooktop, microwave, and dishwasher. You can also find pull-out islands for extra counter space.

Lastly, for the living space, there are rotating captain’s chairs like in the other model, along with sofa beds and a dinette. You can also add theatre seating, recliners, and a fireplace if you want. The dinette has a computer station where you can set up an LTE service and work. 4 HDTVs are present in total.

Other than that, there are slide-out rooms here too, though the access to control is different. Front slideouts can be accessed by switches in the captain’s seats. The basement has plentiful storage space too.

The automobile is easy to drive as well and has well laid-out driver’s compartment. There’s a complete digital dashboard and simple-to-navigate screens. The smart steering, quick brakes, adaptive cruise control, and collision avoidance system all make the Allegro Bus the safest ride around. Overall, it’s a wonderful investment if you need a luxurious motorhome and are willing to spend half a million bucks for it.

The Comparison

Finally, let’s compare the two exceptional RV models so you can better decide which one to go for.

Features Tiffin Phaeton Tiffin Allegro Bus
Radiator Design It has a rear radiator design, which makes the engine harder to access. It has a side radiator design, making access to the engine and cleaning it easy.
PowerGlide Only Phateon 40IH and 44OH have PowerGlide chassis. All Allegro Bus floor plans are built on PowerGlide chassis for better durability.
Length 37-45 feet in length, varies by model. Same height and interior width. 37.5-45 feet in length, varies by model. Same height and interior width.
Basement Storage Space Basement storage space starts at 122 cubic feet. Basement storage space starts at 180 cubic feet, so it can carry more cargo and luggage.
Spyder Controls Spyder Multiplex Controls present with App Control. Better Spyder Control System with Auto-Generator Start and Energy Management.
Cruise Control Adaptive Cruise Control, Emergency Start, Collision Mitigation, Electronic Stability Control are all present. Adaptive Cruise Control, Emergency Start, Collision Mitigation, Electronic Stability Control are all present.
Cost The RV costs between $340-550k across all 8 floor plans. Price increases with additions. It’s comparatively cheaper, even with additions. The RV costs about $420-590k, depending on the floor plan. Price increases with additions to the interior design.


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