3 Common Allison 6 Speed Transmission Problems

allison 6 speed transmission problems
allison 6 speed transmission problems

When it comes to purchasing a motorhome or RV for yourself. There are many things that you have to look out for. These include checking the specifications on it carefully as well as what features the vehicle comes with. Although, aside from this, the engine and transmission system on your motorhome is also quite essential. These will determine what the performance of your vehicle is and how it drives on the road.

If you select a vehicle with a bad engine or transmission then you will have a lot of difficulties driving around your motorhome. Considering this, one of the best transmission systems that you can get on a large vehicle is from Allison. The Allison 6 speed transmission system is amazing to use but some problems can be found with it, such as the ones listed below.

Allison 6 Speed Transmission Problems

1. Vehicle Stuck in Limp Mode

The 6-speed transmission system from Allison is one of their most popular lineups. This was used on numerous vehicles because of how well the device performed. However, one of the most common problems that people have reported with this system is running into limp mode. While most people refer to this as a problem, you should note that the mode is a feature. This activates when the transmission system feels like it can get damaged.

It will then lock itself into the third gear, preventing you from changing the gears. This can be quite annoying but you should note that there is most likely a serious problem with your system. Aside from this, the only way to take your transmission out of limp mode is by rebuilding the device.

However, this is a good thing as you can easily identify what exactly was wrong with the transmission system when you take it out. Some of the most common reasons for having your vehicle stuck in limp mode can be that you were trying to carry a huge load that the vehicle was not able to handle. Alternatively, the system might be overheating.

This can be both due to there being a lot of pressure on your engine or it running out of coolant. As for the coolant, you can easily fill it back in, just make sure that you select a good quality brand for this. Additionally, keep some extra coolant stored in your vehicle in case you run out of it again.

2. Check Installation

If you are someone who has changed the transmission system on their vehicle. Then there is a high chance that it might not work properly for you. This is because many people have reported getting problems after installing the Allison transmission system. While the process can be a little difficult, the brand provides its users with a manual that can be used.

You can also contact the helpline number for Allison and ask any queries that you might have. The team will help you throughout the installation process without any worries. Alternatively, there are also numerous video guides online that the user can follow if they are stuck on a certain step.

Finally, if you are hesitant about installing the transmission system on your own then just take your vehicle to a workshop. The people there will install the system for you within a few hours maximum. They might charge you a little but it is still better than having your brand-new transmission running into problems.

3. System Might Be Faulty

If the installation process for your transmission system was perfect but is still not working. Then there is a high chance that the device might be faulty. This can happen sometimes but the case is quite rare. Although, if the transmission that you are using was built around the mid-2000s then the problem might be from the company’s backend.

Allison had recalled all their previous lineups from this time due to a known manufacturing error. You can check the details for this from their official website. If your system falls under the recall devices then contact the company to get a free replacement unit.

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