3 Common Allison Transmission Keypad Problems

allison transmission keypad problems
allison transmission keypad problems

If you’re looking for efficiency out of your engine then the Allision Transmission will be a perfect fit for your needs. The customer response is overwhelmingly positive and users rarely run into issues while using Allision Transmission products. So, if you’re looking to upgrade the transmission system of your car then you should consider Allision Transmission as a viable option.

The Allision Transmission keypad allows drivers to smoothly shift between gears, the power to the wheels is streamlined and there is no interruption in between the shifts. Although this is a great product, you can still have some problems while using the keypad. Let’s go over the list of common issues with the Allison Transmission Keypad and how you can solve them.

Common Allison Transmission Keypad Problems

  1. Blank Keypad

The first and most common issue that drivers stated is that their transmission keypad went completely blank. Due to this, they weren’t able to get their vehicles to move. This is a very serious issue and can cause you a lot of trouble if you don’t have access to a mechanic and are currently in a remote location.

This issue is mostly related to faulty wiring and when the keypad is not able to draw power from the system. This is why everything shows up blank.

To get your transmission working again you need to check the connection modules. Make sure that they’re connected properly and the keypad can draw power. Some users were able to get the keypad working by cleaning up the connection points once. So, if there is an excess of dirt or debris on your connection points then you should remove it immediately.

If that doesn’t get your transmission working then you should just get your vehicle to a workshop and have an experienced mechanic take a look at your keypad. That way you won’t have to keep guessing about what is wrong with your transmission and you will save a lot of time.

  1. Can’t Reverse

One very strange issue that users complained about was that the keypad was working just fine whenever they tried to Upshift. But for some reason, they weren’t able to put the coach in reverse or a neutral position.

The upshifts are working just fine but the keypad seems to malfunction whenever your try to put it in neutral. If you’re in a similar situation then here are some steps that can help you out.

You can start by simply turning off the power to the keypad by killing the engine and then starting it back on. If the keypad starts working then the issue was probably a minor bug that got sorted out by a quick power cycle. But on the off chance, if you’re still not able to get the transmission to work properly then you should contact the Allison repair team.

Sometimes, the device in itself is faulty due to which users keep running into similar errors. In this situation, the best option is to replace the transmission system altogether. It can affect your budget quite a bit but that’s the price you’ll have to pay to avoid running into similar issues in the future.

  1. Coach Not Starting

Another issue that drivers have been complaining about is that they can’t get their coaches to start. They are just not able to get the transmission keypad to upshift into drive mode. The warning light also keeps flashing on the pad. There can be a lot of reasons why your device can behave like this. These steps might help your situation.

You need to get your ECM tested to check if it is causing your keypad to behave like this. Some users also mentioned that a broken wire under the dash was causing this issue. So, your best bet would be to take your vehicle to a workshop and ask a mechanic.

After he is done examining your vehicle, he will be able to get your shift pad working again. This won’t cost you as much and you won’t have to replace the keypad. It’s always worth it to check the Vehicle Interface Module to verify where the issue originated from. The Allision Transmission support can also be used in situations like these.

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