Travel Trailer King-size Bed: Choosing The Right Bed

Travel Trailer King-size Bed: Choosing The Right Bed
Travel Trailer King-size Bed: Choosing The Right Bed

Travel Trailer With King-size Bed

When you travel in an RV you want to feel some freedom, but without having to give up comfort. You are not subject to the timetables and protocols of a hotel, nor do you suffer the disadvantages of sleeping in a tent at a campsite. In addition, once you have your own vehicle you can gradually introduce different changes to adapt it to your needs, but also to your tastes. Surely you have noticed that there are more models that have been decorated both outside and inside, taking care of every last detail.

If anything characterizes the owners of an RV is their adventurous spirit. Undoubtedly, traveling in this means of transport, which is also their accommodation, show the search for new and exciting experiences. But for this same reason, it is only right that RV users have a bed comfortable enough to enjoy their adventures. After a day in which you have surely carried out different activities, you want a good rest. It won’t be possible to get it if you don’t have a cozy bed. Many trailer users opt for a king-size bed because they can afford the space and don’t have to sacrifice any room because trailers are usually pretty big, and we will talk about some characteristics of it.

How to choose the right bed?

It is true that the type of bed you choose depends on your needs, like how many people are going to sleep in it and also the size of your RV, (Is it a small or big trailer?). Also, don’t forget to consider if it provides an adequate rest or not, meaning the materials it’s made of and of course, make sure it fits your budget.


Luckily for all of us, king-size beds are not as expensive as other RV appliances, with mattresses ranging as low as $250 USD and up.


King size beds are pretty common in trailers as we mentioned. They measure between 72 in x 75 in and 72 in x 80 in, those 5 inches are sometimes a big difference if you don’t have much room for length which can easily be ignored unless really tall people sleep in it, then it could sometimes be noticeable. It is generally a good choice since it can fit up to 3 adults or 4 children.


There are different materials for the mattresses that offer different experiences on their users. Some of the most popular ones are

  • Foam RV mattresses – The most common type.
  • Memory foam RV mattresses – For extra comfort.
  • Latex RV mattresses – Also very comfortable and ecofriendly.
  • Air mattresses – A luxurious alternative to blowing up mattresses that can be customized on how firm you want each specific side.

Now you know what to consider when you decide to buy a King size bed or a mattress replacement. 


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