Facing Monster Nomad Battery Problems? Try These 3 Fixes!

monster nomad battery problems
monster nomad battery problems

Going out on camping trips with your friends and family can be a lot of fun. Although, if you are going to stay for a long duration then it can be important to have some of the best equipment with you. This will help you in having a fun time without running into any problems. While having the proper devices for survival are important. A long trip can start to get boring if you do not have entertainment equipment with you.

Talking about this, Monster Nomad is a famous device that many people think about purchasing. This is a large speaker that can be used to play songs whenever you want to. Although, there are also some issues that this device can run into. Most of the frequent problems reported with it are related to the battery in this Monster Nomad. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common issues that can be found with this equipment along with ways to fix it.

Monster Nomad Battery Problems

1. Device Not Charging

One of the most common problems with the Monster Nomad device can be that the battery in it is not charging. This is quite frustrating as the main reason why you would purchase a large device like this is if can be used without any wiring. Although, several things can cause an issue like this on your equipment.

Considering this, you can start by checking the outlet you were trying to charge the speakers with. Keep in mind that messing around with electrical switches can be quite dangerous. This is why if you are hesitant about trying this yourself then you should contact a specialist. Although, if you still want to check this on your own then you can start by confirming if the outlet you were using is not broken.

Use a voltmeter to take readings of the connection. If these are fluctuating or seem lower than normal then there is something wrong with the socket. You will have to replace it with a new one to fix your problem. While you get this socket fixed, you should continue charging up your speakers using another outlet. Once the batteries on it are completely charged, the user can start using their device as nothing happened.

2. Battery Dies Quickly

If the battery on your Monster Nomad speakers has started to die much more quickly than before then there are some problems with it. Before you get into any technical fixes, it is recommended that you first try a simple one. Usually, large devices like this use lithium-made batteries. These can be charged up quickly and they will last you a much longer time.

Although, the main drawback is that they can be quite expensive. Another benefit of these batteries is that you can charge them up whenever you want to. Although, the problem you are getting normally happens when you have gone through about 30 cycles of the battery. This will then start forming a memory issue that prevents the battery from completely charging.

Considering this, a simple fix that you can go for is draining the battery from your speakers completely. Once you have done this, leave the battery dead for 15 to 30 minutes. This will help it in removing its configurations like a hard reset. Once done, you will then have to completely charge up your battery back to 100% before using it. This should help the device in ensuring that it starts working like it is new.

3. Battery Requires Replacement

While the Monster Nomad is an amazing device with about 30 hours of battery life. You should note that the battery in your equipment will still require you to replace it. With time, these batteries start to lose some of their life. Eventually, they will start running out of power within a few hours. Considering this, once you start running into this issue.

You should get your battery replaced with a new one. Purchasing a third-party battery for a speaker like this can damage the equipment. This is why you should contact the support team for Monster. Notify them about your problem in detail. The team will then either provide you with a viable solution or send a replacement battery to you. Installing this should help you in getting rid of the issue.

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