3 Common Magic Chef RV Oven Problems (Troubleshooting)

magic chef rv oven troubleshooting
magic chef rv oven troubleshooting

Going out on long camping trips can be a lot more fun if you own a recreational vehicle. These are equipped with tons of features to keep the users relaxed.

These include built-in ovens that can help you heat your food while you’re away on a camping trip. So, even if you don’t know how to set up a camping fire, you’ll still be able to enjoy hot food.

When it comes to RV Ovens, the Magic chef oven is quite a reliable brand. But sometimes even the best products can malfunction. In this article, we will cover different troubleshooting methods that you can use if your Magic Chef RV oven is not working.

Magic Chef RV Oven Troubleshooting

  1. Check Pilot Assembly

If your RV Oven is not lighting up properly then it is likely that there is something wrong with your Pilot assembly. It is quite common for the pilot assembly to get clogged which is why you’re not able to get your oven to ignite.

It can be quite annoying if you’re away and have no other means of heating your food. Luckily, it is quite easy to fix this problem.

First of all, disconnect the fuel supply. After that, all you have to do is unscrew the nuts around the pilot assembly and take it out. You have to be careful not to lose any pieces otherwise your oven won’t work even after you put the pilot assembly back.

Take a damp cloth and start cleaning the dirt gathered on the assembly line. After you’re done and have thoroughly cleaned the pilot assembly just put it back into the oven. Make sure to put back the pilot assembly just the way it was before you took it out. Once everything is done you can connect the fuel supply and try lighting up your RV oven.

  1. Pilot Flame

Another very common reason why your Oven is not working properly is that the pilot flame size is too small. This is why you keep running into issues like your oven not lighting up when you need it to heat your food. If you’re having similar issues with your Magic Chef RV oven then here is how you can solve it.

You just have to increase the intensity of the pilot flame and your issue will be fixed. To do so, all you have to do is get yourself a screwdriver and loosen the screw that is behind the temperature adjustment knob.

This screw regulates the intensity of the pilot flame and you can easily manage the flame intensity for your oven’s pilot. However, loosening up the screw too much can also cause issues. So, make sure only to bring the flame intensity to an optimal level to make it easier for your RV oven to light up.

  1. Check Propane

There are two major variants of ovens that you can install in your RV. The first one relies on electricity supply while the other one uses propane as fuel to heat your food. If you have an electrical oven then your issues are related to faulty wiring the majority of the time.

In which case you can just have an electrician take a look at your oven and your issue will be resolved. However, if you’re not able to get your propane oven to work then it is likely that the propane levels are too low for your oven to work properly.

A lot of your RV devices rely on propane supply to work. So, if the propane levels fall below a certain point, then the overall pressure of fuel decreases. Which is the main reason why you’re not able to get your oven to light up properly.

If you have not refilled the fuel supply in a long time then now might be the perfect time to do so. Make sure to always refill your propane tank before going on a family trip to avoid running into similar issues.

If your problem is still not fixed then it is recommended that you get your RV oven checked by a mechanic. It will save you a lot of time and you won’t have to guess what is wrong with your Magic Chef RV oven.

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