3 Reasons Why Your Pod Door Won’t Open

pod door won't open
pod door won’t open

People all around the world enjoy going out on camping trips. This is because these allow you to explore areas you have never been to before. Additionally, users can have a memorable experience with their friends and family. Talking about this, some enthusiasts want to go out on frequent trips that last a much longer time. This is why they must bring a lot of equipment with them.

The best solution for these users is that they purchase a large vehicle that can carry all of this luggage. Additionally, most motorhomes and RVs come with numerous other features that will ensure you have a fun time on your trip. One of the most popular vehicles that people use is either pods from the forest river or even POD containers. While these can be amazing, some users have reported that the door on their pod won’t open. If you are getting the same issue then here are some steps to fix this problem.

Pod Door Won’t Open: Troubleshooting Steps

1. Check Deadbolt

Pods are an amazing option for travel as they can carry a lot of luggage. Although, the only downside to them is that you have to own another large vehicle with a powerful engine that can carry them. Once you have your pod towed to your truck or car, the user can then easily drive around with their vehicles.

When it comes to the doors of these pods, you will notice that they use a unique deadbolt locking mechanism. This is why if you run into the problem of your doors not opening then there is a high chance that you are not using the correct method. The user has to first turn their key in one direction until the deadbolt is completely retracted. Once this is done, you should then try opening your door. Most people forget to retract the deadbolt and think that the doors are broken.

2. Lubricate the Lock

Sometimes the doors, not opening can be due to a problem with your locks moving parts. Considering this, it is recommended that you lubricate the lock along with the other moving parts in your door to fix this issue. Many companies manufacture good lock oils that can be used. Just make sure that you do not use too much lubricant. Additionally, you can also apply some of the oil on your key and then turn the lock using it. This will ensure that all of the oil enters the locking mechanism.

3. Open Doors from Inside

Pods are trailers that have to be towed to your vehicle before they can be used. This is why if the doors are not opening then it can be quite annoying for people outside to enter the vehicle. However, if the solution above did not work for you then your only solution will be visiting a workshop.

If you want to urgently access your pod then you can try entering from the windows or slides and then opening the door from inside. Other than this, you can also try applying a little more force to open the doors but make sure that you do not damage them.

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